Sankarea is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Furuya loves zombies. So when his cat dies and he obtains an ancient text that gives a recipe for a potion the brings the dead back to life, he starts his experiments. Rea, the idol of a local all-girls school, wants to die and be reborn. The two form a unique relationship when Rea finds out about his research and steals some of his potion.


Romantic Comedy which started as manga written and illustrated by Mitsuru Hattori. Started its serial in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine since December 2009, and have been published as tankobon by Kodansha. Anime adaptations has been made by Studio Deen and began its airing weekly on April 5, 2012.


Chihiro Furuya is a boy who is obsessed with zombie culture, so much that he wants a zombie girlfriend. While working on potion that would resurrect his pet cat Babu, he discovers Rea Sanka's secret by accident. Embarrassed, Rea asks Chihiro to keep it secret and decides to help him with his resurrection potion. One night Rea steals the potion, which is made with poisonous plant, hoping it would kill her and free her from imprisoned life by her overprotective father. The potion fails to kill her, but successes in resurrecting her when she died by falling off from cliff. She is now a zombie and starts her new life with Chihiro.


Chihiro Furuya

Son if Buddhist family, Chihiro is a boy who loves zombies and collects anything that is related to zombies such as toys and movies. When he was a kid, he even said his first kiss would be from a zombie girl. When his pet cat Babu died, he decided to bring it back to life by using old book he found, which explains on how to make potion that would resurrect the dead. One night while he was working on his potion in abandoned building he meets Rea Sanka, discovering her secret.

Rea Sanka

Daughter from prestigious Sanka family, who owns the Sanka private high school for girls. Due to her overprotective father, she had no freedom in her life. One day when she had enough of everything she sneaked out oh her house, only to relieve her stress by screaming which ended up revealing her embarrassing secret to Chihiro. Upon learning what Chihiro is working on she decides to help him complete the resurrection potion. She finally became free from her father when she died and resurrected as zombie.

Ranko Saouji

Chihiro's cousin who often comes to Chihiro's place and hangs out with him. She acts like a big sister to Chihiro but also has feelings for him.

Mero Furuya

Younger sister of Chihiro, who is obsessed with ghost unlike her brother.

Jogorou Furuya

Chihiro's grandfather, who came up with recipe for resurrection potion. It was revealed later that he was a professor who was part of team that conducted researches on zombies. Due to long exposure to various drugs, he now has poor eye sight and memory.

Dan'ichirou Sanka

Rea's overprotective father who took nude picture of Rea on her birthday every year. Even after Rea was dead and came back as zombie, he was still delusional and believed Rea was her property.

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Name: Sankarea
Name: さんかれあ
Romaji: Sankarea
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