Sanji's Shock! The Mysterious Grandpa and His Incredibly Delicious Cooking

Sanji's Shock! The Mysterious Grandpa and His Incredibly Delicious Cooking is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 07/22/2007

Enies Lobby Arc (Filler)

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Opening Theme-

"Crazy Rainbowstar" by Tackey & Tsubasa

Many of the events in this episodes didn't happen in the manga. This is the last of three filler episodes that shows what the crew is up to while they wait for Franky to finish making their new ship. The beginning events are based on the manga, but divert to an original story.

This episode begins with a canon moment from the manga of Sanji shopping for food. Including this carrot-headed looking fellow. He might be a distant relative of Ninjin. What isn't canon is that Chimney and Gonbe are with him. The majority of this story is filler until the very end.

This episode seems to contradict the events in the previous episode. Zoro saw Sanji with the cart and alone. Though it is possible he saw Sanji before before he met up with Chimney along the way.

Chimney spots Nami and Robin. Sanji rushes to where they are surrounded by many male admirers and reporters who are asking them questions. The girls fail to even notice Sanji hopping about.

The reporter asks if the girls will model in swimsuits. Nami grabs the guy by the collar and tells him he has a lot of nerve. It would be very expensive. Nami rationalizes it to Robin that since Luffy wasted so much money they need to make some more.

All the men, including Sanji, start to imagine Nami and Robin in swimsuits. When Sanji notices the others enjoying the same thoughts he shares he chases them all off. The girls are now free to continue their shopping, and Sanji thinks it's a chance for a date. Chimney scuttles those hopes. They tell him they are hungry. They don't want to go home and fake cry. Sanji yells at them. The girls leave him with Chimney.

Chimney leads Sanji to somewhere she knows has good food. She says he's even better then Sanji. They role up to a boat restaurant. People are walking away talking about a bad flavor.

The cook is an old man who appears drunk. He's sleeping and Sanji says to let him rest. Sanji takes some of the food he's bought and uses the kitchen to cook.

The old man wakes up and notices Sanji's skill with a knife. Sanji mentions Baratie and this man seems to already know Zeff. He calls Zeff a child. They have a conversation about the All Blue.

On the mans boat is a picture of what looks like a younger version of himself holding Zeff in a powerful headlock.

Sanji gives the old man a bottle of sake as thanks for letting him use the kitchen. Chimney wants to stay and eat more.

The old man gets up to cook, but can hardly seem to manage his own tools. Once he starts in on the cooking he starts to steady. He gets some salt from a jar and continues.

Sanji eats up and is overwhelmed by the power of the flavor. Sanji can't understand what is so good about this food. The old man teases Sanji on his inability to tell. Sanji tells Chimney and Gonbe to wait there while he searches for what this old man's secret is.

Sanji searches for a spice store to find the secret. He's so focused that he doesn't even notice Nami and Robin.

He wonders around town and finds where the city is being rebuilt after the Aqua Laguna. The workers start taking a break and have onigiri. They offer Sanji some and he accepts. Again he has the intense feeling. These were made by that old cook. Now Sanji knows the old man's secret.

Sanji returns and tells the old man his secret is the salt. He says that is correct, but there is more to it. Sanji notices the salt is unique. Sanji realizes that this salt is partly due to the Aqua Laguna. The old mad accepts his defeat.

Sanji pleads for some of the salt the old man has, but he just makes some passing comment on the weather. He has Sanji carry him to a special location.

They come to a rooftop. The waves of the Aqua Laguna wash over the roofs of the cit and deposited salt water. The sun comes to evaporate the water and leaves the salt. This makes it easier to acquire large amounts of the salt.

Sanji collects five large sacks of the salt.

Sanji asks about the men he saw leaving and complaining, but before he can answer about them. The two men arrive again and ask the old man make more food. They said they thought it was bad at first, but just had to return.

The old man explains that sailors are too used to eating poor cooking. Once they taste good cooking they can't help but return.

Sanji leaves with Chimney, and she rushes back home to her grandmother.

This moment with Sanji watching Usopp rehearsing is canon from the manga.

Usopp seems to be under the impression that the crew will ask him to return. He tries different methods ahead of time. Sanji listens in, but goes unnoticed.

Sanji returns to cook for the crew with this new salt. Everyone enjoys the new taste.

Chimney arrives where the Galley-La workers are helping Franky built the Straw Hat's new ship. This scene is canon.

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Eiichiro Oda Concept Artist Eiichiro Oda is the creative mind behind the popular manga/anime One Piece series.


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