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Sand Chronicles is a franchise comprised of 1 manga series
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Sand Chronicles is a Shojo Beat manga series written and drawn by Hinako Ashihara depicting the life of a girl after her parents' divorce and mother's suicide.

     Sand Chronicles, or Sunadokei, is a anime, soon to be movie, and first manga drawn and written by Hinako Ashihara.  It was published first in the Japanese  Betsucomi, a monthly shojo manga magazine, in 2005 and was licensed by the major company Viz Media.  In the year 2007, Shojo Beat magazine, a manga magazine published in North America by Viz Media, serialized Sand Chronicles in English in it's August 2007 issue.  It quickly picked up in Japan , and was adapted into a television Drama.  In 2005 Sand Chronicles was awarded the prestigious 50th Shogakukan Manga Award and the story was written into a screen play for the upcoming movie Sunadokei in April of 2008 premiering in Japan.
Sunadokei: Japanese Sand Chronicles Telivision Drama
Sunadokei: Japanese Sand Chronicles Telivision Drama

    The plot starts with Ann, the adolescent protagonist, and her mother move to the rural town of Shimane away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo.  Ann's parents had just received a divorce after Ann's father's business failed leaving the family in debt, in which Ann's mother divorces him and takes Ann away to her old town.  Ann and her mother move in with Ann's grandparents on her mother's side, while they try to cope with the change and get their lives back on track.  Moving
to the new town Ann befriends Daigo, Shimane, Shiika, and Fuji.  Just as things start to pick up and Ann becomes close to these people, Ann's mother starts to become weaker and weaker.  Throughout the plot in the beginning, she is depicted as a weak woman who had good intentions but couldn't pull herself out of her spiraling depression for her daughter no matter how hard she tried.  Her mother tries to get strong and obtain a job , but eventually Ann comes home to find a note on the table from her mother saying farewell.  Later on that day, Ann's mother is found on a mountain dead after committing suicide.  Ann immediately blames herself , but Daigo, a local boy, and friend helps her get through the pain and eventually their friendship blossoms into more than just friends.  As their sweet romance commences, Ann's father begs her to come back to him in Tokyo, where he is working hard to get out of debt.  Feeling she needs to help her father, Ann goes and lives with her father back in Tokyo where she struggles to help and keep up her long distance relationship with Daigo.  Many years are covered in this series with the reoccurring theme of time looming over the plot.  The theme of this series is "Can the sands of time bury the time of the past?"  Through each episode, and book we get a peek into Ann's life seeing how she grows up and copes with her past, present, and pain.
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Name: Sand Chronicles
Name: 砂時計
Romaji: Sunadokei
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