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Akira Hojo and Chiaki Asami are childhood friends, but have quite different occupations: Akira is a Yakuza member,Chiaki is a politician. But both have a common goal, to have a country free from corruption; a sanctuary.

The story begins with Hojo blackmailing a politician with some photographs that could ruin his career. The man decides to pay Hojo to avoid the leaking of the images to the press and sends his assistant, Asami,  to give him the money. Both have the ideal to change the corrupt political order to create a 'Sanctuary' for people who want to live in peace.
Hojo's activities are investigated by Chief Police Inspector Kyoko Ishihara, who after being the subject of a disturbing and cruel practical joke, she decides to take him down.
Though the blackmailed politician tries to use Hojo to his favor, the pictures are discovered anyway. He is expelled from parliament, and Asami wants to run for the position in order to get rid of old politicians and renew the parliament. Though he does not  get the seat, he decides to run independently in the next elections.
Hojo, on his side, after killing the boss, turns into the leader of his organization. 
Kyoko during her research on Hojo, finds out that Asami and him have known each other for quite a long time.
Asami, who has earned a good amount of followers, runs for a seat in partiament. Despite the fact someone hires Hojo to kill him (and obviously fails), Asami's popularity rockets. On the other hand, Hojo gets into trouble with another yakuza group and is shot on the street and falls into a coma.
Asami, in the meantime, gains more power inside the parliament and though he quits his position after his connection with Hojo is revealed, his supporters want him re-elected. Hojo recovers from his wounds, quits the Yakuza and decides to run for a seat as well.
Soon before the election Asami finds out he has cancer. Stil, he wins the election and turns into the parliament leader. He suceeds in making several reforms, and although time is running out for him, both have reached their goal.
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