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Samurai is a anime/manga concept
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A Katana is a kind of Japanese style of sword with a curved single-edged blade. Best known for speed, light weight, and cutting ability. Highly popular in many styles of manga and anime.

Long Sword

Can literally translate into "field sword". Used by foot soldiers against cavalry in old wars from Japan.


A traditional weapon from Japan that is a pole equipped with a blade at the end.

Plate Armor

Amor of metal plates, offering good protection. It can be a classical platemail or anything. Quite popular for knight-like characters.

Straw Hat (misc)

A Straw Hat is a hat created by weaving straw, occasionally with a ribbon brim. Designed to protect the wearer for sun.

Stripe I & II

StockingĀ“s katanas, created by transforming one or both of her stockings.

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