Samurai Jack Characters

Samurai Jack is an anime series in the Samurai Jack franchise
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Main villain of Samurai Jack

DJ Salvatore

A DJ that served Aku and used music to control teenagers into serving Aku and cause acts of violence.


A demon who works for Aku. He takes people's souls and uses them for his will.


A scientist who worked with Aku and created the Ultra-Robots.


A stray dog found by X9 and kidnapped by Aku.


One of the three gods who helped the Samurai Lord create a sword out of a human's spirit.


A god who helped the Samurai Lord forge a sword.

Samurai Jack

The protagonist of the series of the same name. He has mastered many of the world's fighting styles.

The Ninja

A robot ninja Aku sent out to kill Samurai Jack

The Samurai Lord

The Samurai Lord is the first wielder of the mystical sword, an emperor, and the first human to defeat Aku. He is also Jack's father.

The Scotsman

Scottish ally of Samurai Jack

Time Guardian

An alien who guards a time passage. He is invincible.


The princess of the Lebidoprtrians.


A god who helped the Samurai Lord create a sword.


A robot who has an emotion chip inside it. It loves a dog named Lulu.

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