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Samurai Jack is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series
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A franchise consisting of anime, video games, comics, and film.


Samurai Jack is a franchise created by Genndy Tartakovsky. It is noted for cinematic style.


The Birth of Evil

When time began, a black evil was created. Odin, Ra and Vishnu defeated the black mass or did they? A tuft of the mass landed on Earth which killed the Dinosaurs. It evolved into a pit of Hate filed with tar and consumed people. At Feudal Japan, an Emperor plans to stop it with a poison arrow. When the arrow hit the sun, it fell into the pit. A being (the one that killed the dinosaurs) rose from the pit of Hate. It became known as Aku. Aku trapped the Emperor so he can ravage Japan. Odin's horse rescued the Emperor and took him to the gods in the form of three monks. They helped the Emperor create a sword out of his spirit which helps destroy Aku. The Emperor used a cloud to return to Japan and defeat Aku. Aku took many forms of animals. Later, Aku split into many of him wearing parts of samurai armor. The Emperor defeated them all and banished Aku in the form of a tree. After the battle, his son was born. He and his wife should make plans to learn from that day and be prepared if Aku returns.

Aku's Return

Less than a decade later, Aku returned after an eclipse. The Emperor told his son the battle with Aku in an inaccurate way. Aku came back to Japan to finish what he started. The Emperor's wife sent their son to train around the world until he is 25. When he came back to Japan, he realized his people were enslaved by Aku and his new demon minions. The prince got his father's sword back. The prince came to the pit of Hate to finish Aku. Just before Aku could get defeated, he sent the samurai into the future.

The Future

After Aku sent the samurai to the future, he and a group of scientists worked on a group of robots known as the X-Models. All of them but one failed. Aku and the scientists created a new breed known as Beetle Drones. Time passed into generations since Aku took control of trade, he took control of the galaxy making aliens citizens of Earth. When the samurai came out of the time portal, he met three aliens which kept talking futuristic slang like "Jack". The prince came to a bar to get a drink until he came across grotesque aliens. The prince found evolved archeologist dogs who told the prince that he is in the future. The prince used "Jack" as his name. Jack came across an army of Beetle Drones. He defeated all of them and set a quest to find a time portal to defeat Aku in the past.


Column HeadCharacter

Secondary characters

The Scotsman
The Emperor


Samurai Jack August 10, 2001 – September 25, 2004

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Samurai Jack TBA

The movie serves as a finale to the anime.

Video Games

Samurai Jack: The Amulet of Time 2003

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Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku 2004

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Samurai Jack October 2013

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