SAMURAI FLAMENCO #15 Insults America!

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To be honest, the show’s been pulling my leg for so long, now, it’s starting to get numb. I’d rather move on to other topics, but it’s worth bringing this up, yet again, because it’s on the same sliding scale as my issues with KILL LA KILL. It’s why the “it was only just a dream” twist is always the worst option for an ending...

Any given story already has a big enough task, trying to get viewers to suspend their disbelief, let alone feel genuine feelings about the plight of the characters. It’s perfectly fine to wink at the audience and let me know that nothing I'm watching “counts” - - it ask a lot, however, to ask me to play along like that for half a season. And that’s doubly so when a show still insists on such a menacing mood as this one does.

Then again, FLAMENCO keeps making me think (even if it’s mostly frustrated thoughts), so perhaps that’s good enough.

Anyway, I found “Mr. Justice” here amusing for all his good natured ribbing at Captain America and other patriotic heroes (although, I think I might’ve found him funnier if I were watching this with friends). I’m sure he must’ve ruffled the feathers of at least a few stateside viewers. I hope we all can take a joke.

That’s not to say that every joke hits a bullseye. I’ve never come across cereal as being that big a part of an American stereotype, but it seems to tickle the hell out of this show’s staff. Maybe there’s a joke about Wheaties that’s been seriously lost in translation? And they get something majorly wrong by having him do all the shotcalls. That’s something Japanese superheroes do; not American ones.

(Of course, the really funny part about this “Mr. Justice” caricature is that Americans wouldn’t know enough about tokusatsu to make any kind of “answer parody.”)

Watch Imitation Justice” and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode.

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I do encounter American stereotypes in anime while you see Japanese stereotypes in cartoons. Some shows like South Park, American Dad, and the like push the boundary and make the jokes really bad. I'm not a native born in the States, so I don't get the same stigma from seeing American stereotypes. Some anime's American jokes don't really make sense. It's part of their view. You have to see from their view of Americans. We view Japanese from various spectrum in the states.

Sorry for the off-topic.

Samurai Flamenco just keeps getting absurd. With Masayoshi on the run from the law again, he attracts so much attention. I didn't mind Mr. Justice. Wonder why those cops are so useless with their guns.

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As a long standing Captian America fan ( probably longer than average age of the posters here ) I have to say Mr. Justice did not bother me. Then again some might point to Space Dandy his pursuers in a lady liberty head, with a ball gag, an a gorrlia runing the show as something to be offended at. But my sensitivity dial doesnt go to 11 so such stuff does not botter me.

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Still clinging tightly to that "it's all a dream" theory, eh?

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