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This was another new series that piqued my interest at the beginning of the season - - it’s just impossible for your imagination not to run with a premise like “Tokusatsu’s KICK-ASS” - - but KILL LA KILL ultimately won out. Now that we’re deep enough into the fall, though, there’s enough time and space for a quick catch-up. I am hereby committing myself to the show’s first six episodes. Will I want to keep watching after that? Well, stay tuned.

Matt Murphy mentioned bromance in his write-up, and the de-bro-tion does indeed run strong in this pilot (one of the cop’s first suggestions it to go back to the model’s apartment - - can’t get much more direct than that). It actually makes me think of a vastly scaled-down version on TIGER & BUNNY, and I suppose that just brings the whole conceptual give-and-take of American supeheroes and tokusatsu full-circle in a rather meta way.

Honestly, what strikes me the most is that this show’s premise hinges on the point that a wealthy, attractive male model can be just as nerdy, obsessive and socially awkward as the biggest fanboy you’ll find in the back of the comics store. It’s easy to look at famous people and assume that they’re well-adjusted because they couldn’t possibly have anything to want, right? Well, just because you were lucky to born looking a certain way, and you’ve luckily stumbled into a way to make easy month off of that, doesn’t mean you can't be any less sad than your worst otaku stereotype. Appearances are nothing more than that…appearances.

I don’t know if this was a dynamite hook, but the friendship (right?) is endearing enough to watch that I’m intrigued to keep going. The promo image makes it look like these would-be superheroics are about to get real soon, so maybe it’ll be fun simply to observe how strongly the KICK-ASS parallels persists as the show goes along?

The commitment to detail in the Hara-Kiri show amused me, too. They went so far as to make sure the hero was fighting the villains in what was obviously an unused rock quarry. Ha!

Watch this episode, "Debut of the Samurai Flamenco!” and decide for yourself.

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Comiting to 6 epiosdes is good on this one.At 4 it starts to take off an by 7 an 8 your going holy batman sentai change up.3 almost made me quit .It was very boring.. But very glad i stayed with the show.6 episdes should be right to get going on this one for sure.

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I'm still watching!

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I just got into it last week. It got that Tiger and Bunny feel to it.

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Everyone I've heard talk about this show has made a mention to Tiger & Bunny, which makes me want to watch that before I check out this show. Slimier to Maoyu from earlier this year and how everyone was comparing it to Spice & Wolf.

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I love the show. It's in my top 5 this season, and probably top 3. When it's between picking up one of those on-the-fence Fall shows and Flamenco, I choose this, easily.

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@RealJpoe: Its not the same .It develps some silimilar tropes tho.Starts off slow but well worth the efort to watch for me at least.

@YotaruVegeta: Its probly the most off beat plot of the season.Very hard to se where its going an thats a good thing.

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You have to commit yourself to the first 7. The series potentially jumps the shark far higher than anything possible in the 7th episode. Imagine Mad Men and then in season 4 aliens attack Manhattan and Don Draper is now thrust back into the military as a space marine. It's that ridiculous, tone breaking, and completely out of the blue for everything the series has established itself as, to the point where I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with it.

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