My Brilliant Theory About SAMURAI FLAMENCO #8

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Wait a minute - - her name’s Moe? One of the Flamenco Girls is actually named after MOE? Well, hats off for someone finally goofing on that stuff so directly.

Normally, I skip over intros after I’ve already seen them once (saves a lot of time during all this chunk viewing). On this occasion, however, I just idly left it running and, if the goal of all this is to just ‘figure out’ the show, then I’m glad I did, because the intro pretty clearly confirms my big theory. We’re now in the ‘dream portion’ of this plot. Either Samumenco had some major psychotic break last episode, or he’s literally just sleeping and dreaming, now… just like he does at the end of the intro.

Hell, the running gag about the Monsters all exploding themselves at the end of every fight would support that even further. Not only is it just a patently nonsensical visual - - the kind you’d see in a dream - - but Samumenco’s even commenting on its absurdity like he would if he were entering the lucid state. The recurring cutaways to the government meetings even have this sort-of dreamy quality; as if they’re the half-formed, substantiating details that Samumenco’s filling his fantasy out with (without actually thinking them through).

Of course, if I do end up being right about this, it’s an oddly early point to twist this series (if it’s actually going to run a full 22-26 episodes. If it’s 10-13, then it’s at a more sensible position). Carrying along with the speculation, I’ll wager Samunenco’s probably going to wake out of this dream once we get to the 2/3’rd marks - - twisting this all into direction I can’t even picture, right now.

Watch, "Attack of the Army of Evil! and decide for yourself, then read my comments about the previous episode.

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Its a 22 epsidoe series suposidly.The dream theory is the most comman one actualy .Sorry.Tho it could be correct.Things keep geting homage/parody - er .An things keep geting more dream like.But you get a little deeper in where you are now an you will see stuff happens when hes not on screen to.Thats one thing that could point to its not a dream.

Its a unusal ride reguardless.Just for oddity sake its worth watching.An if its not a dream some one pitched this show an it made it threw.How to take a realistic show an slowly turn it abusrd an how people acept the absurd if its more comman place.Which is a whole new level of creepy.

Edit : maybe found some clues here

Hideyuki Kurata: Chief Screenplay. A writer/creator, popular for his unique and original style (R.O.D., GUNxSWORD)


"This is a story of love and justice presented by the creators who failed to be adults for those “grown-ups” who don’t want to be adults either….."

knowing his past work the dream aspect may well be a

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@Marshal Victory: To me, a red herring would be a hint here or there that suggests that what is happening is a dream, but I don't think that is what is happening here. Sure, they could be misleading us into thinking its a dream, but the events that transpire are so absurd and lampshade-hanging (at least in comparison to the first arc of the series) that this being a dream is the only plausible explanation for what is happening.

Although, as I was writing this, it occurred to me that another possibility is that Samurai Flamenco and friends were so popular that they were hired to make a TV show and we just haven't been told, yet (ie the "dream sequence" is actually a TV show and we don't know it).

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@yllekkram: Thats posible to.It seemd for long time to be a deconstruction of all thngs super hero / sentia with homage an parody .But now its anyones ballgame.

Gona stick with this tho just because i want to see where it goes.

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I don't think it's a dream, but even if it is, it would be quite another wake-up-slap-in-the-face for viewers, on top of the genre meta-commentary that this series is already pushing.

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the first thing that came to mind when i saw that picture was Beelzemon

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If it's a dream, I slap the creators for this. This series shouldn't toy with its viewers. Anyways, after episode 7, no one in the city is taking the monsters seriously anymore. This inconsistent change in tone is too weird for me.

I have to upload new images for Samurai Flamenco soon.

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@takashichea: That's the fun of pushing the boundaries and the avant-garde! It at least makes us do a double take and reconsider what we are watching. I think I get what Samurai Flamenco is going for, but I understand how some people might not be able to wrap their head around it.

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I wasn't a slice of life fan, but this series caught me. I wasn't fond of the change, but I do commend them for being risk takers and changing their game.

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