Samurai Flamenco Characters

Samurai Flamenco is an anime series
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Akira Konno

Akira Konno is the manager of the High Rollers Hi! website.

Anji Kuroki

Anji Kuroki is the Flamen Black Ranger.

Haiji Sawada

Haiji Sawada is a teenaged boy who is fascinated by Samurai Flamenco and turn to evil after realizing his true purpose in life.

Hekiru Midorikawa

Hekiru Midorikawa is Flamen Green Ranger.

Hidenori Gotō

Hidenori Gotō is a young police officer who stumbled upon Masayoshi. While he supports Masayoshi, he cares for the young man's safety.

Joji Kaname

Joji Kaname is a former TV actor who played Red Axe.

King Torture

King Torture is an antagonist in Samurai Flamenco.

Mari Maya

Mari Maya is a young idol who is part of the Mineral Miracle Muse. She is Flamenco Girl and then, Flamenco Diamond.

Masayoshi Hazama

Masayoshi Hazama is a hot model who aspires to be a hero.

Mizuki Misawa

Mizuki Misawa is one of the idols from the Mineral Miracle Muse.

Moe Morita

Moe Morita is a member of the Mineral Miracle Muse.

Sakura Momoi

Sakura Momoi is the Flamen Pink Ranger.

Souichi Aoshima

Souichi Aoshima is the Flamen Blue Ranger.

Sumi Ishihara

Sumi Ishihara is Masayoshi's manager.

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