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Leave it to Watanabe to turn a clip show into something creative and worthwhile, right? It’s actually been a while since I’ve seen one of these. I think that last one might’ve been GURREN LAGANN? I’ve gotten the sense that they’ve been progressively phased out of the anime sphere after the crews got craftier about managing their budgets (and maybe more receptive to complaints from their viewers?)

In most cases, I’d roll my eyes about a clip show, but I honestly appreciate them for long-arc series - - or even for series that straddle the line between long-form and episodic as this does. Yeah, I’m taking in episodes every other day, but it still gets tough to recall everything you’ve been following and how it all fits together.

You can put all that aside, though - - the notion of these two roustabouts picking so seriously through a teenage girl’s diary is a hilarious concept in of itself. I was getting the titters just seeing Mugen sneer and snort over each of Fuu’s girly little thoughts about their adventures. Once again, I’m getting such a kick out of how this show’s almost like a ruder CW “dramedy” set in bloody old Edo.

What are my thoughts on series, though, now that I’ve gotten to take such a fractal look at it? Well, it does seem like they’re trying to weave some greater plot about the Dutch East India Company. Or a plot about the Dutch at least. I’m not going to bother to do research but, considering how the dialog makes it seem like sunflowers aren't indigenous to Japan, I wonder if this samurai they’re looking for might actually be a misidentified foreigner?

Also, if there's a theme to the show, it's definitely that most people often have a skewed and precious view of history. That's for damn sure. Haha.

Watch this episode, "The Disorder Diaries” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Huh, I don't even remember this episode. I guess I started blocking out clip shows. It is at least a little interesting how they weave the clips into the plot instead of literally having a clip episode separate from the plot. A diary is a typical way of doing it (like in Trigun), but I think Gurren Lagann's clip episode was separate.

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