What the F@#$ Did I Just Watch?! SAMURAI CHAMPLOO Episode #1

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This is going to sound weird, but one of things I particularly enjoyed about SAMURAI CHAMPLOO’s first episode was the variety of wonderfully twisted-and sometimes-grotesque facial expressions. There’s almost an almost political cartoon caricature quality to the wealth of wrinkled brows, hairy chins, warts and pocks marks lavished upon the faces of all the ronin and bandits in this anime -- real CHARACTER to their visages -- and I liked it a lot. I noticed it especially since Fuu’s face has the usual style of minimal rendering and huge, HUGE eyes. She’s just got to be such a cutie in this crowd of salty, realistically-rendered scoundrels.

I really hope the hip-hop beats and turn-table scratching scene descriptions weren’t edited in by whoever made the dub I watched.   I’d really prefer to know that the original creators injected something new and fresh here, since this can be enjoyed as a fun accompanying piece to KILL BILL on the two-way street of East/West cross pollination. Like INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, for one, I really appreciated this anime’s flagrant disregard of historical accuracy in favor of some truly fun anachronisms. My attitude is that it’s all fantasy at the end of the day, so why not embrace the fantasy fully, because it’s so fun to see a breakdancing samurai like Mugen for once. Really… that whole attitude of pure entertainment extends throughout the entire production, even to the animation, which has a vibrancy that often reminded me of graffiti brought to life.

Samurai Champloo Volume 1
Samurai Champloo Volume 1

I was pleased to see this goof on some clichés of tough guy genre stories. The funniest one - - the one that made laugh out loud - - was, of course, the part where Fuu tries to charm her way into the prison but playing the noir vamp card of “Oh please, I’ll do anything.” And the guard actually calls her up on it and says, “Anything? Do you… do you mean sex?” HA! Finally somebody said!

A big domo arigato to daotherkenji for recommending this to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Everybody -- keep these recommendations coming! And, please, try to make sure they’re on Hulu, so it’s easier for me to watch and to link for all of you to view to, as I have below.   


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The music is meant to be there, thankfully. I assume you've seen Cowboy Bebop? If not, then you should get to that. I'm not entirely sure what I could recommened, aside from that. You're quickly exhausting the internet's supply of "n00b-friendly" shows.
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This is a good anime. I really wish they had modeled that Wolverine anime more after a series like this. Much more gritty and violent.
I had never really thought about the "scratch" work there covering up the cursing. It just seemed to fit the mood so well. I've never even seen the Japanese version of the series. I'm just that happy with the dub work.
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@ Tom_Pinchuk:  You do know only Americans can watch videos on hulu right? Kind of leaves the rest the world with our collective dicks hanging in the wind when you link stuff from their site.
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I'd recommend Samurai X on Hulu. I found it very entertaining.
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Also, Samurai Champloo is freaking awesome. Definitely one of my all time favorite anime.  One of my favorite things is how, every once in a while, you'll catch Mugen just standing there, picking his nose. Busts me up every time!
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Oooh it's so awesome!  I love this series.  Been meaning to pick it up for a while.  
Everything about the series is amazing, plus Jin makes me swoon.  
Shows on Hulu.....
Devil May Cry was surprisingly not bad at all.
You could also try...Coyote Ragtime Show....or Nabari no Ou (which I quite enjoyed).
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@crusader8463:  Well, when you put THAT mental image in my mind, I suppose it'll be harder to resist, now...
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@Sigue:  I tried to watch that Adult Swim but there were only the latest episode. Is there any where I can watch the pilot online?
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I loved that cultural mash up, which I had seen first in Afro Samurai. It's crazy but oozes awesomeness.
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@Tom_Pinchuk: Think of the Yatta guys if you need a more PG mental image ^_^ 
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