SAMURAI CHAMPLOO #8 -- Watch & Learn

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Oh man. I could watch another 500 anime episodes and never run into a sight as a delightfully absurd as a beat boxing samurai hypeman. Especially when he’s just standing back and laying down a smooth bass groove while his boss tries to work his game on Fuu. Historically accurate? Probably not. But it isn’t totally out of the realm of possibility, either. Haha.

While the swordplay is properly kickass and inventive, I’m finding that I like the stretches in-between the sorties more. Normally, that kind of comment sounds lamely contradictory - - what are you going to an action movie for if not the action? - - but these “in-between” portions have proven to be so clever and so creative that all the fighting stuff looks more like garnishes on top of the real meal.

(And that’s how it should be, anyway, when it comes to how the usual “goods” of a genre show are doled out.)

Again, going into this, I was expecting it to just be a regular samurai show with a hip hop soundtrack. I wasn’t expecting a gut-busting hilarious send-up of the samurai genre with an equal number of poke at pop culture and, you know, actual historical culture. I imagine courtship was a little more… courtly back in this time, but who cares? The comic contrast between male and female seduction techniques hit the elusive hilarious/insightful double whammy.

Jin and Mugen get rolled by housewife they sorely underestimate, and Fuu goes on to indulge this bogus swordsman’s advances basically because she feels neglected. Swap out the relevant nouns and that might sound a bit like your last weekend out with your friends, right?

The reveal that both of these “antagonists” are actually just a bored married couple looking for their respective kicks was a nice button, too. Nobody got what they wanted except the lady - - and that's because she was shrewd enough to whip her man early!

Watch this episode, "The Art of Altercation” below and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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The views and opinions of Samurai Champloo do not necessarily represent 16th century Japan and it's affiliates.

I liked the random beat boxing too. Came out of nowhere, but for some reason did not feel out of place if you were just there to enjoy the show.

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@Lurkero said:

The views and opinions of Samurai Champloo do not necessarily represent 16th century Japan and it's affiliates.

Ha ha ha ha! Well put.

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yea this was when this show really began to loose me...I don't like rap at all and this was just terrible and ridiculous. I guess this is one where I couldn't get past the format to see the humor and send up inside. I don't know. Humor is odd, something like read or die which really is just as ridiculous I find hilarious but this just didn't work for me.

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