SAMURAI CHAMPLOO #11 -- Watch & Learn

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One thing I especially appreciate about this show is the fact the three leads are all supposed to be fairly young - - somewhere in the 16-22 age bracket, I believe. That probably is more realistic to how people would have to grow up faster in this era, sure, but it nevertheless adds a greater deal of immediacy to all of this adventuring. None of these kids knows what they’re doing, and when they’re grabbing odd jobs to scramble enough cash together for lodging, it’s honestly not all too different from some undergrads trying to hold a loft in the Lower East Side or some such.

There’s a good choice line when Jin’s elegant crush giggles a little when he’s making these really callow pronouncements of devotion - - something along the lines of “Oh come on, nobody talks like that these days.”

Pair that with the following scene where Mugen and Fuu are gossiping about Jin finally getting himself a girl and what thAT means in regard to who likes who in their little circle - - and then you start thinking that a lot of the seemingly anachronistic dialog in this series is actually more feasible than the talkin’ in historical series that opt to play things totally straight. Do you honestly think that most people - - especially commoners like these scamps - - were any more articulate than your average person is today?

(Hell, they were probably even less well-spoken and more prone to the use the slang of their day since standardized education is a fairly recent invention.)

Even though it’s such a seemingly minor, even arbitrary, choice… I’ve got to say that ever-present rain did some amazing things for the mood of this episode. You can empathize immediately with the sort of boredom this trio’s going through as they try to pass their “in-between days” away by getting caught up in some idle pursuits. Beetle training and prostitute rescuing maybe aren’t too far removed in the grand scheme of their quest.

Such are the thoughts I have whilst watching SAMURAI CHAMPLOO...

Watch this episode, "Gamblers & Gallantry” below and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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I had no particular feelings about this episode. More character exploration, but with a rather somber tone this time around.

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I love this episode, and how it showed sex trafficking is still a big issue today.

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