Samurai Champloo Characters

Samurai Champloo is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 2 manga series
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Fuu Kasumi

The feisty young girl who follows Jin and Mugen after saving them from execution.



A quiet skilled swordsman who wears glasses.


Mukuro's younger sister. She knew Mugen before the series started and was in love with him but Mugen had no feelings for her.

Manzou Sakami


Fuu's pet flying squirrel.


A vagabond with a troubled past traveling who was coaxed in to traveling with Fuu & Jin in search of the Sunflower Samurai. His main goal is to fight Jin and defeat him.


A former cohort of Mugen. Mukuro is a Wanted criminal and a pirate captain. He double crossed Mugen years ago and was sent to prison because of Mukuro.



A beautiful blind musician the trio encounters near the end of their journey. Sara is really a Shogunate assassin, sent to expunge both Mugen and Jin.

Seizo Kasumi

A christian samurai who played a leading role in the Shimabara rebellion. He was known as the Sunflower Samurai and is Fuu Kasumi's father.

Shige Heike

The leader of a band of zombie-like workers, who have been mining for the legendary gold of the Heike clan for 500 years. He believes to be a member of this clan but is revealed not to be.


A samurai trained by Shaolin Monks in the mysterious martial art technique Hakkei. He returned to Japan to visit his master but was expelled from the Dojo for killing a fellow student. Now he wanders the streets killing any Samurai worthy to fight him.


A ninja disguised as a geisha that Mugen met. She was trying to infiltrate a counterfeit ring with her brother but he was captured and enlisted Mugens help after bashing him in the head with a vase.


A student of Mariya Enshirou's dojo. He was once good friends with Jin but he killed thier master Yukimaru wanted revenge and to make a name for himself by killing him.


A monk that was once a samurai but became a monk to repent from trying to save his pupil's soul.

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