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You know, I kind-of called it that Anthony - - I mean, Gorobei - - was going to bite it. The funny ones always go first, don’t they?

While I’m patting myself on the back for my prescience, I’ll also award myself some honorary XP for predicting how this show would reach SEVEN SAMURAI’s conclusion earlier and then go off in its own direction for the remainder. Seeing as how there actually aren’t any bandits left to defend the village from, and we’ve still got ten solid episodes left to go, I’d say that outcome’s looking real likely.

And that’s all exciting for me! I’m hoping the show will get to dig a little deeper into its premise and explore some greater satirical commentary. The show’s been playing its world-building a little willy-nilly, but I feel like there’s always something inherently relevant to say about class when you’re intersecting peasants, outlaws, noble soldiers and, now, rich men. SEVEN SAMURAI was only ever able to briefly touch on that stuff.

(I suppose there’s some irony in how the addition of steampunks and giant robots actually makes this story easier fodder for some super-serious grad thesis than the venerated original).

Past all that, since this was an all-action episode, there’s not a ton to comment on. Well, unless you want a breakdown of “Man, wasn’t it cool when Mifune beat those bots down with a flaming tree?” or “Holy crap! It was so rad when Gorobei split that cannonball in half while it was mid-flight!” Don’t misunderstand me - - that all makes for a thoroughly-enjoyable viewing experience. It just doesn’t make for the easiest commenting experience, you know?

Watch this episode, "The Storm” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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