Samui is a anime/manga character in the Naruto franchise
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Samui is the stoic Kunochi from the Hidden Cloud Village. She is the leader of Team Samui.


Samui is a jonin-class female ninja from the Hidden Cloud Village and the leader of Team Samui. She's in charge of the exuberant Karui and overly pessimistic, Omoi.


Naruto Vol. 45 JPN (Feb 2009)
Naruto Vol. 45 JPN (Feb 2009)

Samui is a supporting character of the Naruto series that was created by Masashi Kishimoto, It first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in November 1999. She was later introduced during the Invasion of Pain story arc that began in Volume 44.

She first appeared in Naruto Volume 45, CH. 417 "Raikage On the Move!!", and her first anime appearance was in Naruto Shippuden - Episode 156 "Surpassing the Master". Her character in the Japanese series is voiced by Hikari Yono, and the U.S. dub produced by VIZ Media has yet to announce a voice actress.

Samui's name comes from the word 寒い (samui), which means "cold". This is apparently a reflection upon her stoic personality.

Character Evolution

" You two. If you're a ninja, act cooler. "

Samui - "Naruto" Vol. 45 Ch. 417

Samui is a tall and voluptuous blond with large breasts. He hair is straight shoulder-length that frames her face with a shorter cut in the back and ice-blue colored eyes. She wears a gray robe with a mesh undershirt covering her breasts, red hand guard, high boots, and a modified Cloud Village flak jacket that covers her waist.

As her name suggests, her personality is almost perpetually calm and composed, even under extreme circumstances. She's mature and frequently silent, only speaking when required; and easily becomes frustrated by her energetic and passionate charges, Karui and Omoi. She often uses the term "Cool" (クール, Kūru) when she speaks. This is in contrast to her loud-mouth and passionate brother, Atsui. She's a well-educated woman in the history of her village and the world.

Major Story Arcs

Invasion of Pain Arc

Samui and her team are summoned
Samui and her team are summoned

While between missions at the Hidden Cloud Village, Samui and her team were surprised to hear they were being summoned to the office of the Raikage for an unknown purpose. They were stunned to learn that Killer Bee, the Raikage's brother, had been defeated in battle and abducted. The perpetrator was a member of the Akatsuki, a rogue ninja of the Leaf Village named Sasuke Uchiha. Samui and her team were tasked with the mission to travel to the Hidden Leaf Village with a letter for the Hokage. If they were failing to take action against Uchiha, the Cloud Village was going to do it for them. In the letter they were announcing their intentions, demanding all the information they had on Sasuke, and giving notice that a summit of all the Kages of the five great nations.

Five Kage Summit Arc

The trip to the Hidden Leaf Village was long, but in that time they had no idea that the village had been attacked by another member of the Akatsuki and utterly devastated. She brought the urgent letter to the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade; but she was currently in a coma. The conversation with Tsunade's assistant, Shizune, was interrupted by Danzo Shimura, who had rather abruptly appointed as the Sixth Hokage by the village elders. Samui gave him the letter and agreed to the terms to allow the Cloud Village to hunt Sasuke and to take part in the Kage Summit that would be held in the Land of Iron.

Samui toured the ruins of the Leaf Village alone while she waited for the records they requested were gathered. She noticed that in spite of such loss that the spirits were high to rebuild. People in the roads were bragging about the one young man who defeated the attacker, Naruto Uzumaki. She later found team with Naruto, who looked as if he had been only recently beaten; and Karui unconvincingly denied any involvement. Omoi told her that Naruto informed them that the Akatsuki took their victims alive and there was a chance Bee could still be alive. They both were enthusiastic to chase after him immediately. Though she agreed with the sentiment, she had to point out that they had no idea where Bee was to rescue him. Before they could leave to the classified records room, Naruto asked if he could meet with the Raikage to ask him to forgive Sasuke. She rejected his request, and they left to the claim the records.

After gathering and copying the records on Sasuke they requested, they left to rendezvous with the Raikage on his way to the Land of Iron. They had no idea that they were tracked and followed by Naruto and his team to make a plea direct plea to the Raikage. She watched as he bowed in the snow. He desperately wished to end the cycle of hatred that could just lead to more death. While admirable, the Raikage refused.

Fourth Shinobi World War Arc

Atsui and Samui assist Darui
Atsui and Samui assist Darui

As the shinobi nations untied, the Raikage placed Samui in charge of creating a squad specifically for surprise attacks, and she made her appearance to help Omoi against the revived Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Atsui aided Samui in this fight against these legendary Cloud Ninja criminals, but the brothers used their cursed tools against them. Their own words were used against then with a cruse, and Samui and her brother were then trapped inside the Benihisago. Despite Omoi turning the tables and trapping Ginkaku inside the Benihisago, as well. It was stolen by Tobi before Omoi could find a way to save them.

Powers and Abilities

Samui is a sword fighter who uses the technique called Kenjutsu, a specialty among the ninja from the Cloud Village. Her weapon is a style of Japanese short-sword called a tantō that she holds in the sheath on her back at the waist. Any jutsu have she uses has not been revealed.

Other Media

Voiced by
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Hikari Yono
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Name: Samui
Name: サムイ
Romanji: Samui
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Naruto #45
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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