Sakura's Fate!

Sakura's Fate! is an anime episode of Wanna Be the Strongest in the World! that was released on 12/08/2013
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Plot Summary

Sakura's Fate!
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
Opening"Beautiful Dreamer"
Ending"Fan Fanfare!!!"
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Kurea and Chinatsu hold off the crowd who want to interview Sakura about her match with Blue Panther. In the ring, Moe starts her debut match. Her opponent is Sakura Hagiwara. Moe confuses Sakura with her karate footwork and manage to keep Sakura at bay with her quick fists. In a flashback, Moe asks Sakura if she misses being an idol since she had to abandon karate for wrestling. She cannot go back to karate. Moe grabs Sakura into an Octopus Hold. Sakura grabs the rope to get free. Moe runs around Sakura as she bounces from rope to rope. When she tries to attack Sakura, Moe finds her body not responding. With Moe's guard down, Sakura grabs and does a Cobra Twist on Moe. Rio remarks that Moe doesn't know her stamina limits since Moe tires herself out. Sakura does a Boston Crab on Moe until Moe grabs the rope. Sakura grabs Moe and holds her upside down before slamming her. Sakura notices Moe has some energy left.

Moe delivers her best punch and kick, and she tries to pin Sakura. When Moe tries to kick Sakura, Sakura ducks down and delivers her Sakura Special. She pins Moe and wins the match. Next day, Rio and Chinatsu gives Sakura some intense training to prepare her for the fight with Blue Panther. During an interview, Kirishima tells the reports that Sweet Diva will be departing for a world tour after this theater performance. The Sweet Diva girls notice injuries on Elena. Juri, Jackal, Kanae, and Sakura Hagiwara's fans ready themselves for Sakura's match against Blue Panther.

In the main event, Sakura and Blue Panther meet in the ring. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure enters the room and snuck behind Jackal. Blue Panther walks forwards to Sakura and discards her mask. It's not Juri Sanada. It turns out Blue Panther is Elena.

Points of Interest

Moves Used

  • Octopus Hold
  • Cobra Twist
  • Sakura Special

Names Revealed

During the interviews, the characters' first or last names are revealed.

  • Sweet Diva Manager is Kirishima Makoto.
  • Nanami's first name is Kanno.
  • Yuho's first name is Mochizuki while Aika's first name is Hayase.

Characters & Voice Actors

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