Sakura Dormitory is Where Home is

Sakura Dormitory is Where Home is is an anime episode of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou that was released on 02/19/2013
The shock of Sakura Hall closing has Sorata remembering his first days of moving into the hall and the cats his picked up along the way.
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Plot Summary

Chihiro informs everyone about the demolition of Sakura hall after Misaki thinks they rebuilding the building. Jin states that they will fight the decision to let Sorata and the gang finish school. Though, Chihiro says the board already made up their minds. Akasaka tells Sorata to finish the preparations for the title screenings. Jin wonders why they're demolishing Sakura Hall without giving them a explanation. In Sorata's room, Sorata explains to Mashiro that he cannot take care of her since women and men are in separate dorms. Mashiro finds a photo that reminds Sorata of how he first met Jin, Misaki, and the rest of the Sakura Hall residents.

Back then, Sorata refuses to release the cat he secretly kept at the dorm much to Nanami's surprise. He reassures Daichi and Nanami that he will find an owner and come back to the dorms soon. At Sakura Hall, Sorata opens his closet to find Misaki popping out. Misaki tackles and straddles Sorata on the ground. After Sorata clears some misunderstanding of him being a burglar, Misaki starts coming up with some nicknames for Sorata. After Misaki's long story, Chihiro enters the room when she hears all the ruckus. Then, Jin arrives to meet with Sorata. He tells Sorata to call him by his first name while he whispers to Sorata about having a girlfriend. Later in Sorata's room, Misaki beats Sorata in a video game. Once Misaki goes to take a shower, Sorata goes to the kitchen where he gets freaked out by Akasaka due to Sorata mistaking him for a ghost.

Then, Chihiro enters the room and kicks Sorata for calling her a ghost. She explains to Sorata about Akasaka and remarks that he is lucky to see Akasaka's face. She talks about how she cannot force someone to do something because it will make their lives unpleasant. She gives Sorata, Akasaka's phone number. In Sorata's room, he texts to Akasaka only to get a message from Maid-chan. Sorata gets frustrated over Akasaka's comments that mocks his intelligence. After Sorata finds a black cat in the park, Sorata tries to sneak the cat only to be found out by Jin. Once the boys enter Sorata's room, Misaki throws a surprise, welcome party for Sorata. On the next day, all of the Sakura Hall residents except Akasaka partake in a photo shoot.

In the present, Sorata recalls the memories of his friends as he and Mashiro walk inside the hall. Nanami joins in the conversation. Misaki applauds for Sorata's answers, and Akasaka reveals a message from the board which he obtained by hacking into their e-mail systems.

Points of Interest

Hikari is the white cat, and Nozomi is the black cat.

Misaki's Nicknames for Sorata

  • Soratan
  • Sorapyon
  • Sorani
  • Soranyan
  • Tan tan
  • Soran


  • Japanese Name: "Sumeba Miyako no Sakura-sō" (住めば都のさくら荘)
  • Opening Theme: "Yume no Tsuzuki" (夢の続き) by Konomi Suzuki
  • Ending Theme: "Prime Number (Kimi to Deaeru Hi)" (Prime Number ~君と出会える日~) by Asuka Ookura

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hajime Kamoshida Original Concept Hajime Kamoshida is the creator of Pet Girl Sakurasou.


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