Sakura Blossoms!

Sakura Blossoms! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 05/07/2003
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Chunin Exams Arc

Sakura Blossoms! - サクラ咲く!決意の後ろ姿 (Sakura saku! Ketsui no ushiro sugata)


Opening Theme-

"Haruka Kanata (遥か彼方)" by: Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Japan)

"Rise" by Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus (U.S. TV)

As Rock Lee squats on the ground, he begins to suffer from the first Sound ninja's attack. His vision

becomes distorted and he vomits. His left ear then begins to bleed. The ninja reveals that his attacks

use sound, explaining why dodging his attacks did no good. The second Sound ninja reveals that he is able

to control supersonic waves and air pressure, which he displayed by reducing the impact of Lee's Omote Renge (Front Lotus/Initial Lotus) previously.He then emits air from the palms of his hands.

In a flash back, Gai tells Lee that he must only use the Omote Renge when he must protect someone

important. He tells Lee that he is impressed that he was able to master the technique as his eyes begin to

fill up with tears of joy. Returning to the present, the first ninja heads right for Sakura. Lee stops him

with his Konoha Senpuu (Leaf Whirlwind). In the middle of the attack, he begins to hesitate, allowing the

ninja to easily counters. He throws a punch at him. Lee manages to block it, but the ninja uses his sound

manipulation to attack him. As a result, Lee falls to the ground. Before he can finish him off, Sakura throws a few kunai knives at him, but he blocks them as if they were nothing. Hiding behind the bushes are Shikamaru, Ino, and Chouji, who are watching the battle. With Naruto, Sasuke, and Lee incapacitated and Sakura left alone, Shikamaru asks what Ino's next move will be, since she and Sakura were at one point best friends. In a flashback, a young Sakura and Ino are sitting on a bench. Sakura has a serious expression on her face and Ino asks what's wrong. She asks if Ino likes Sasuke. Ino is shocked, and Sakura tells her that they are rivals from now on. Back to the present, Ino wonders why she recalled that moment. She tells Shikamaru that they should help, but they can't just jump into the battle suddenly.

Sakura attempts to attack the first ninja by throwing shurikens at him, but the second ninja jumps in and

stops it with air pressure, sending them back. The third ninja comes from behind and grabs Sakura's hair.

She tells the second ninja, Zaku, to kill Sasuke in front of her. Sakura begins to struggle and cries, being useless to her friends. Zaku walks towards Sasuke, whose body begins to emit purple chakra. Sakura pulls out a kunai knife and cuts her hair in order to release herself. Thinking about the past when Naruto, Sasuke, and Lee have protected her, she has decided that it was her turn to do the same. Zaku tells the third ninja, Kin. She pulls out some needles as Sakura starts to perform a jutsu. She attacks her, but it's revealed that she used a replacement. Zaku figures out what Sakura is doing. She charges at him and throws many kunai knives at him. He repels them back at her, but she uses a replacement once again. Now airborne, she begins to form the seals of the jutsu. Zaku throws kunai knives at her and gets ready for her next move, but the airborne Sakura, who happens to be the real thing, continues to descend and drives a kunai knife into his right arm and begins to bite him.

As Ino watches Sakura getting punched while still biting Zaku, she recalls the time the two first met. Sakura is crying because she is always picked on due to her forehead and Ino tries to comfort her. Ino

takes note of her large forehead and that she tries to cover it with her hair. She then leaves, telling

Sakura to meet her there tomorrow. The next day, she gives Sakura a ribbon to tie around her hair. Sakura

is greatful, but is worrisome at the same time because her forehead is now exposed. Ino tells her that she is

picked on because she tries to hide her forehead and that she is cute and shouldn't be afraid. She then

takes her to the other kids, who accept her. Later on, she tells the others that she likes a boy. They

correctly guess that the boy is Sasuke, unsurprised due to his popularity. A girl tells Ino that Sakura has become more cheerful, but Ino, who is being stubborn, says that she's just acting tough. Back to the present, Ino continues to watch Sakura get beat up. She recalls Sakura telling her that Sasuke likes girls with long hair as she looks at the cut pieces of her hair. She continues to think about the past, recalling moments when they declared their rivalry to each other. Zaku eventually is able to knock Sakura off, but she gets up, determined to protect Naruto, Sasuke, and Lee. As he prepares his attack, Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji get in front of Sakura. Ino reminds Sakura that she would not lose to her.

Ending Theme-

"Harmonia (ハルモニア)" by Rythem

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