AV MOD MATERIAL: My Eyes Are Bleeding #2 - September Highlights

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After a last week's introduction to what sakuga is and its importance, things officially kick off today with an oh so timely survey of highlights from last month's anime releases courtesy of Youtuber/Animation Fiend Yamaneaki123. A handful of the highlights would be

Next week's episode kicks off a new month and with that we'll be taking a deeper look at the works of animator Yoshimichi Kameda, the man behind one of my favorite Bleach scenes as well as damn near everything awesome in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

William Taylor loves him some bad ass fight scenes and can't wait to highlight some of what's out there in the world of sakuga. Unravel the mystery via Twitter @mrsickvisionz.

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I liked the first one because it had one of the fight scenes from Senjou Kyoukai no Horizon II

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I need to try Kuroko's Basketball. It'll be my first sport anime. I never knew a sport anime to have some awesome animation.

I commented on the wrong article, FMA, about Sword Art Online. The sword fights in latter episodes, Ep. 9 for the best, had some great fluidity.

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