Sako (SAKO Rk 95 Tp)

Sako (SAKO Rk 95 Tp) is a anime/manga character in the Upotte!! franchise
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Transfer student and enemy of M16, she is an AK variant determined to beat her, she also has a crush on FNC.


Sako is an AK variant who was "born" in Finland. She transferring from one school to another after defeating it's leader and subjecting it. She transferred along her friend Galil (Galil AR) to Seishou Academy. She hate M16 for acting so high, mighty and for being the leader of the school. She has a crush on FNC as it show that she would lick her lips whenever she is close to her.


Sako was created and drawn by Tennouji Kitsune.

Character Evolution


Sako wears the standard Seishou Academy top, but her ribbon tied in different way than the other students except for Galil. Her skirt is longer than the other girls in the school and she wear high-top combat boots. She taller than the other girls. Her most noticeable feather is her elf-like ears, she has a white sunflower on the left of her head and has a single braid on the left side of her long hair that was cut by a bullet shot by Sig as a payback for shooting her hair. She has red eyes. She was shown to have sharp teeths.


Sako is a control freak as she move from one school to another after subjecting it. She also a sadist as she was shown to take great joy in causing pain to other like the time when she kept shooting at FNC as she found her voice while she being shot at to be sweet even thought she won. Sako seem to have taken a liking to FNC as she was shown to lick her lips while she is around her and even masturbating while admiring FNC and calling her "[her] cute adorable little bunny" during their match.

Major Story Arcs

Before the tournament she appear with her partner Galil before M16 while she was shopping telling her that she won't be wining this year since they transferred. A fight almost start but was stopped by Sig (SG 550). She was seen looking at M16 after the the explanation of the tournament rules. After the first round she was seen licking her lips and staring at FNC. While in a match against FNC she was able to take down FNC partner and when FNC took down her partner she was seen masturbating while admiring FNC and calling her "[her] cute adorable little bunny".

After calming herself, she started to shoot at FNC and manage to hit her with a fragment of her bullet and then pined her to the ground and explained to her the fragmentation, but after FNC stated that L85A1 will come and be with M16 Sako started to shoot at her even after she is declared to be the winner, finding FNC sound while being shoot at to be sweet and feeling like she is going to come and put her boot against FNC neck. She was stopped by Sig who arrived with L85A1. During the final match against M16 and L85A1, Sako took the chance to take her revenge on Sig by shooting her hair, making sure it will never be the same again, while she is destracted, for standing in her way and humiliating her earlier, despite Sig only being watching the match.

She face L85A1 who couldn't open fire, because her gun is filled with mud, and mock her before leaving. She head to Galil who was shooting at M16. After cornering M16 she declare the the leader of Seishou Academy is now defeated only for M16 to tell her that she is wrong as M16 was never the leader of the Academy. Sako find out that despite L85A1 unable to shoot she brought the flag of their team to their location and M16 shoot it making them the winners. Sako left the scene stating that the loser is the one who leave the scene and she is not interested in a school that she can't rule and apologized to FNC by giving her a kiss, which was FNC first kiss, and stated the she is not going to give up her. The next day Sako transferred to another school but Galil stayed.

She came to aid the girls when they were attacked by other guns after being contacted by Galil. She made a coma in the OVA.

Other Media

General Information Edit
Name: Sako (SAKO Rk 95 Tp)
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Upotte!! #1
1st anime episode: Upotte!! #3
1st anime movie:
Aliases Sako
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