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Saki is an anime series in the Saki franchise
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Saki - MAHJONG but, still very enjoyable. Reviewed by JJOR64 on Dec. 20, 2009. JJOR64 has written 38 reviews. His/her last review was for My-HiME. 135 out of 146 users recommend his reviews.
Review written on October 23, 2009.
*Spoilers Ahead*
Plot Summary: Miyanaga Saki is a first year high school girl whose family would get angry if she won the family mahjong games. But losing would also have its consequences. Because of this she develops a new way of playing that allows her to stay on the thin line between winning and losing, the +/- zero score, an almost impossible score. In a game that relies mainly on luck, the +/- zero score is harder than winning, but Saki can achieve this every time. Having always hated the game, her friend from middle school, Suga Kyotoro, forces her to play in the schools mahjong club. Her developed skill and superhuman luck has made her a worthy mahjong opponent, even to the middle schools national mahjong champion.  ( ANN)
As most people know, Saki heavily focuses around mahjong but, that can't stop you from enjoying the show.  Gia started posting an episode a day for the show but, I decided to skip ahead and finish the series.  I'm no mahjong expert at all.  Heck, I even tried learning the game but, it's still confusing.  But hey, not knowing anything about mahjong, I still enjoyed the show.
The show resolves around Saki Miyanaga.  While she is very good at mahjong, she hates playing it due to upsetting people.  Because of this, whenever she plays, she
 The main character, Saki Miyanaga.
 The main character, Saki Miyanaga.
always tries to go for +/- so she wont win or lose.  One day her friend Kyotaro Suga makes brings her to their school's mahjong club.  When she arrives she finds out that Nodoka Haramura is actually in the club (Saki seen her walk by earlier in the day).  Nodoka is the winner of the middle school nationals mahjong tournement.  Back to the story, Saki agrees to play a game with Kyotaro, Nodoka, and another club member, Yuki Kataoka.  They play a couple of games before Saki decides to leave.  When Saki ends up leaving, the club president ( Hisa Takei) wakes up.  When Saki leaves, Hisa notices that Saki's score is +/- zero.
Hisa brings back Saki the next day to play some more.  This is when we meet Mako Someya, a second year in the club.  They play one game and Saki gets a +/- zero again and Nodoka gets a upset, finally meeting someone as good as her.
 Yuki loves tacos, a lot.
 Yuki loves tacos, a lot.
Lets skip ahead a little bit.  Next thing we know, Kiyosumi High School (Saki's school) has entered the national qualifying tournament which is probably the best part of the anime series.  Most of the show takes place here while we see Kiyosumi High School go through the tournament.  During the course of the tournament we meet many new characters (to many to list here) and we also meet the opposing schools.
That's the show in a nutshell, well, a half-assed nutshell I guess.

I can go on and on about the story but, this should just be my thoughts on the show.  :P  The show is 25 episodes in all.  During every episode you see mahjong going on, especially during the tournament.  While the tournament is probably the best part of the show, it seems like it lasted to many episodes and the individuals national qualifying tournament only lasted like 3 episodes.  During the last episode it easily leaves off with a cliffhanger and they will probably make a second season of the show.
Like I said before, I'm not mahjong expert but, that didn't stop me from enjoying the show.   The characters were very enjoyable but, I think Nodoka's breasts were a little to big.  Flopping around all the time (me likey :P).  The art style looked very nice and colorful.  The music was appropriate for when it needed to be there.  I hope that their will be a second season of the show.  Hell, it even tells you at the very end of the last episode "We're just getting started, yay~."  I guess the manga is still going one so maybe that's why there isn't a second season of the show yet.  For some reason, I just got a Yugioh vibe from this.  I used to be a huge Yugioh nut job.  Maybe that's why I really enjoyed the show.  :P  If you want to watch a new anime, give this show a shot.
My Score - 4/5 
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