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Today's Episode

 Well, Saki kind of got a quick fix, but...wow, the individuals are over? I figured they'd go on...it kinda feels like a chunk of games got left out in the middle there. I mean, Saki basically went from +/- 0 to among the top rankings in a matter of seconds in the episode. But still...wow. I mean, I guess I knew that we wouldn't have three girls from Kiyosumi all going to the Nationals, but I feel bad for-- well, you can probably guess who, so I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't caught the previous episode yet.
Which is all well and good, but what are they going to do with these last two episodes?
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At least we get to see the Koromo in action one last time, in fact there's loads of combinations of players that we haven't seen have a match together yet, should be a good last episode, as was this one.
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Okay, so Yukki subplots are fail. I can stand her taco musings and wacky talking belt only so much.
Also, not to sound pervy, but at moments like in this episode I continue to be surprised that Saki and Nodoka aren't kissing.
(Also) I love how they are on a vacation of sorts, and everyone is still wearing their school'ish uniforms except Hajime, who is dressed like a hooker on a friday night.
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@John_Martone: I'm glad I'm not the only person who finds Yuuki's belt kinda weird O_O There are shows where you can do that ( Pita Ten, for example, has a heroine who wears bunnies on her head, and their eyes change with her facial expression...but she's an angel with all sorts of weird magic, so it works), but I'm not so gung-ho about it here @_o
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It seems to be her summer outfit they showed Hajime in a red version of that she's first recruited by Touka and when they went to the nationals in Tokyo last year. I agree with you on the whole Nodoka & Saki thing the part where she got a face full of Nodoka's yukata (which if anime is to be believed is the japanese equivalent of black/red lingere along with french maid costumes) covered breasts I was thinking so are they going to sneak of and timidly make out now?
Anyway I wonder how much of the next episode is going to be actual mahjong instead of OMG it's the entire female cast (minus Pro Fujita, Teru and anime exclusive Kazue) at a small seculded retreat where there is hot springs. Time to ratchet up the moe to Over 9000 with a healthy dose of holy shit yuri in your face. -_-'  
Prediction Kyōtarō will have a short scene where he laments not being able to go to the hot springs due to a sudden influx of naked high school girls because well it's anime. 
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time to celebrate by watching this episode  
EDIT: i don't know how they're going to cram so much into the last episode, but we'll see.  
also, Senpai is such a cool word ^^
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@AjayRaz: I'm fond of it. But I never have anyone to call it (who would understand the term and not slit my throat for being such a weeaboo). ^_^; John calls me senpai sometimes though =P
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