Saki Morimi

Saki Morimi is a anime/manga character in the Higashi no Eden franchise
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Saki Morimi is a university student who stumbles upon a naked Akira Takizawa during her senior trip to Washington DC.


Saki Morimi grew up in Japan and was the definition of the standard student. She grew up with her family, working with her parents and older sister out of their family bakery. As time went on, she eventually got to college where she wanted to work and get a good job. Tragedy struck though when her parents died in an accident as she feared that she would have to work for the rest of college or have to drop out. Saki's sister and brother-in-law decided to take up ownership of the bakery where they supported Saki throughout school and even had a child in the meanwhile. Saki feels that she has to make it up to both of them, especially her brother-in-law who she admires the most. Saki lived through to see the Careless Monday attacks, something that made her a bit despondent as she had noticed the downward spiral that Japan was going through before and during the missile attack.

Saki visits Central Park
Saki visits Central Park

During college, she eventually joined the group Eden of the East. By this time, Mikuru Katsuhara was getting her image recognition program off the ground as Saki pointed out how the program could be used to determine the value of things that most people would consider to be junk. Kazuomi Hirasawa and the rest of the Eden group decided that she was a valuable member of the team to keep around as she became friends with the whole group, especially Satoshi Osugi who became smitten with her. When she graduated college, she and Mikuru went on a graduation trip to New York City and on the lest leg, she made the decision to go to Washington D.C. where she felt that it was the center of the world. This diversion would cause her to get wrapped up in a mystery far bigger than she could have ever imagined.


Saki Morimi was created by Kenji Kamiyama as the female protagonist of the series Eden of the East. She made her first appearance in Episode 1: I Found Myself a Prince as well as playing the lead in the tie-in films King of Eden and Paradise Lost. She is voiced by Saori Hayami in the Japanese version and Leah Clark in the English version.

Character Evolution

In the beginning of the series, Saki appears to be a standard student who has just graduated from college. She is always cheerful and polite, willing to help people wherever they need help. However, on the inside, Saki always feels much is going wrong in her life due to the state of Japan, her status at home, as well as always wanting to be there when something tremendous happens. This is seen any time she talks about the history or current affairs of Japan or when she talks about visiting Freedom Tower and Ground Zero in New York City. Saki constantly puts herself down as the other members of the Eden group have to remind her that she is a valuable member of their group and that they care for her as a friend. As she spends more time with Akira Takizawa, she becomes more confident but more concerned with him as she cares more and more for the naked man she met outside the White House.

Major Story Arcs

Saki gets in trouble with the law
Saki gets in trouble with the law

After Saki graduates college, she, Mikuru, and Satoshi head to New York for a trip. However, she chooses to head to Washington D.C. to visit the White House. While the police question her about throwing a coin into the fountain outside, she sees Akira Takizawa across the street. He helps her by driving the police away as he talks with her about what she was doing. Saki doesn't seem to be fazed by the fact he's naked or holding a gun as she lends him her coat, scarf, and hat as a way of saying thank you for getting rid of the police. However, she remembers her passport and wallet were in the jacket as she runs after him. She is able to track down his apartment and asks politely for her stuff as he leaves with her, only for the two to be stopped by the police. After deterring them away, Akira agrees to go back with Saki to Japan. While in the airport, the two hit it off as they learn of a missile attack on Japan.

When Saki lands down in Tokyo, she calls Satoshi and the Eden group to let them know she'll find her own way home as Akira leads her through the airport due to his powers as a Selecao. As they part ways, Akira admits he has amnesia and needs to head home. Instead, he asks her to take him to his house as he doesn't know where to go. As this is going on, Yusei Kondo follows the two as he is also a Selecao interested in Akira. While they wait for the ferry, Saki and Akira talk about their pasts as she agrees to follow him once more. When she discovers he lives in an abandoned shopping mall at the edge of the Careless Monday attack, she is shocked as he arranges for a showing of her favorite movie in the theater. While she watches, Yusei assaults Akira as he begs for him to leave Saki alone. Feeling stood up, she goes home the following day while she gets ready for an interview.

Things go sour with the interview as she is rudely rejected and humiliated by the company's senior members as she leaves dejectly. Akira offers her a ride which she accepts, much to the shock of Osugi who she already had plans with. Saki pours her heart out as she laments how the older members of Japanese society refuse to give the youth a chance and end up casting them aside to keep their power. As she vents, Akira kisses her to calm her down, stating she gave him an idea. Saki arranges to stay with Mikuru for a while as she feels ashamed about not getting the job and being at her home because of it. While out of home, she related to the Eden group that Akira is interested in funding the project as they agree to meet with him at his mall home. As Kazuomi Hirasawa and Akira come to an agreement, she and the rest discover that Osugi was kidnapped by the Johnny Killer, Kuroha Shiratori; also a member of the Selecao.

As the group work to figure out Osugi's location, Akira leaves and uses his resources to find it out. When he does, everyone heads to the hotel where Osugi is being held. What Saki realizes though is that Akira didn't hang up his phone, allowing her to listen in on what was going on. She leaves the others in traffic as she runs to the hotel, eavesdropping about the Selecao and the rumors that Akira was behind Careless Monday. By the time she gets there, Akira has passed out from his injuries and Kuroha is tending to him. She instructs her to take good care of Akira as she shows Saki that the man she thought was Osugi turned out to be a serial rapist. Kuroha uses an illusion to escape as Saki brings Akira back to his apartment to recover from his accident.

When Akira brings out Yusei's Noblesse phone, stating that it belonged to him and it may hold clues, Kazuomi instructs Saki and Mikuru to let them know what happens. However, when they do arrive to Yutaka Itazu's home, the girls are turned away to pick up a few things for him in exchange for information. Despite being out and coming back to no answers, Saki confronts Itazu as she knows something is amiss. Itazu warns her that she's better not knowing what is going on as they head back to Tokyo. Before they can catch the last train, Akira gets a call from Daiju Mononobe to meet him in order to gain answers. Saki demands to know what is going on as Akira instructs her to keep her phone on as he'll let her listen in. She does this as she and Mikuru hear about the Selecao from Mononobe and the motives of the group. They also hear that Ryo Yuki was the one behind Careless Monday as well as Saki discovers what happened to Akira. The biggest thing is that Ryo Yuki plans to launch a bigger attack the next day.

Osugi calls Saki to warn her about Akira as she tells the group the truth behind what happened. Akira was the reason no one was killed on Careless Monday by recruiting 20,000 NEETs to help with evacuation. But when everything happened, people were getting suspicious and the NEETs began to loot the empty homes. Akira then rounded them all up, claimed he was the terrorist, and sent them to Dubai for their own protection. It was this betrayal that he wiped his memories and tried to start anew. When Saki and Mikuru get back to the mall to meet the Eden group, they find that the NEETs had returned that that all the information they needed was on Mikuru's computer sent by Itazu. Before they can act, Akira hacks all the phones in the building and states he is going to attack again and needs everyone to head to the roof. Saki meets up with him after he fends off the angry mob, saving the group, as he takes her with him. He shows her his plan which is to use Eden and the NEETs to come up with a plan to stop the missile attack. She witnesses how Akira uses Juiz to call in missile strikes to shoot the enemy rockets down, watching him "shoot" them out of the sky.

After the last missile blows up a few yards from their spot on the roof, Akira helps Saki up as he makes a new request to Juiz. When he is done, he orders a new memory wipe, commenting on how the merry-go-round has no gold ring before leaving his Noblesse phone with Saki. She looks on, commenting to herself that a new prince has arrived.

Other Media

King of Eden

Saki is taken into questioning after the attacks by the police only to be released into the custody of her sister afterwards. She chooses to remain low for a while since the news was wrapped up in what happened during the attacks. It was here that she discovered that she had Akira's phone and that he left a message for her, apologizing for leaving her and that he'd be waiting at their special place. During this time, Eden of the East takes off as a business as she works for the company. In the mean time, she wonders about the downward spiral of Japan as things have not been well in the past few months. It is six months after the attacks that the group gets a hit about Akira's purpose as he is posing at the illegitimate son of the Prime Minister, hoping to rule Japan as per his last request. Saki realizes he is in New York, not in Washington as she assumed, as she goes to see him.

Saki finds more than stolen towels in her bag
Saki finds more than stolen towels in her bag

While traveling in New York, her taxi driver discovers her suitcase is loaded with weapons and drives off with her purse. She calls the group in Tokyo to give them an update as they tell her that it was Selecao Number VI that ordered for the weapons to be put in her bags as well as Kuroha is in New York as well. They urge her to find Akira quickly as she runs to where she thinks he'll be. Her assumptions prove to be right as Akira ends up at the area across the river of Ground Zero, their special place. However, due to his memory wipe, he doesn't remember Saki and goes by Akira Iinuma now. Saki asks his help to get her purse back and tells him that she's been looking for him, using his Noblesse phone and picture of them as proof.

They go back to his apartment where Taishi Naomoto, Selecao Number VI, is watching them in order to make a new romantic movie. Saki tries to convince Akira to undo the request as the radiator in the room malfunctions. Kuroha warns them to get out as they do so, heading to Akira's job for safety. Saki worries about Akira being the look out since she doesn't want him to run off again. He stays with her during the night as they piece together the clues he left behind, specifically the gold ring. He knows about it as he takes her to a merry-go-round with a gold ring, watching her ride as they figure out his past. Before they can leave, they are surrounded by police and Taishi attacks them with a flamethrower. Kuroha rescues them as she tells the two Akira must go back to Japan.

Before they can get on the plane, Kuroha tells Saki she can not go. Saki tries to protest but Mononobe launches his missile attacks to take out the other Selecao. With three of the Selecao now out of the game, Kuroha leaves, instructing Saki that Akira will need him as she gets on the plane. The two go back to Japan where they plan on stopping Mononobe and winning the game.

Paradise Lost

As Saki and Akira head back to Japan, they are stopped by members of the Iinuma family as Akira is taken to speak with Chigusa Iinuma, the wife of the late prime minister Seiji Iinuma. As she waits, Akira asks her to find his mother that he believed he met on Careless Monday as well as the true owner of the Shiba dog that he owns. She meets Osugi who gives her an application made by Itazu so they can talk safely as Hirasawa briefs her on how Mononobe has set them up to be terrorists. Saki then calls her sister to ask for the Shiba dog to be delivered as Ryosuke is willing to do so late at night, figuring that it must be important. She and Osugi follow the dog as it leads them to Aya Iwashita, a bar owner that the dog is smitten with.

Saki meets with Aya, telling her of the situation with Akira and how he is looking for his mother. Aya dismisses the prospect coldly even when Saki tells her the story of how Akira was abandoned in a store. Osugi finds a photograph that shows Aya with Seiji Iinuma on the same merry-go-round she and Akira rode. They also find out that Akira's apartment in New York was Aya's home that was paid up by Seiji. Aya admits to having a child and living in New York but still denies being Akira's mother. She flees when she notices government agents outside her bar as Saki follows her. Aya continues to hold up her claims, stating that she is a greedy woman and her son would be the same. Saki explains that Akira had all the money in the world and was never selfish, Aya confrming that this isn't her son who was given 500 yen. As Aya leaves, Saki realizes that she never told her the amount of money, confirming with Osugi that Aya is Akira's mother.

She debates as to whether or not to tell Akira as Osugi pushes that she should. The two head to the Iinuma mansion where Onee and Mikuru are waiting as Akira is meeting with

Mononobe and Chigusa. She calls Akira, telling him that she found his mother and the truth of his childhood; all signs pointing to the fact that he must be the son of Seiji Iinuma. As the members of Eden wait for Akira, they are sent the broadcast via Juiz of Akira claiming to be a terrorist and that he will take all the NEETs of Japan to their own paradise as he demands the elderly give up some of their power. Saki laments how this isn't fair as Mononobe leaves, not caring about her or the others. Akira points out that their Noblesse phones just gave out the signal to erase their memories, pointing out his immunity. She sees him open the results of the DNA test performed by Chigusa, showing that he is not Seiji's son.

As Akira knows that his plan has no fall back, he states his intention to go into hiding. Saki objects as he promises to be back soon. She still doesn't accept this as she runs after him, kissing him as she demands that he returns, something he agrees to as he leaves. After he is gone, Saki delivers a monologue about how the NEETs have set up a paradise for themselves at the mall Akira lived out of. While certain companies followed through with the promise of hiring new and young employees, this fell through shortly after as things returned to normal. Eden also had to shut down due to bad publicity but they will reformat themselves in the NEET paradise as Saki knows Akira will be back even though it has been another six months since he disappeared once again.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Leah Clark
Saori Hayami
General Information Edit
Name: Saki Morimi
Name: Morimi Saki
Romanji: 森美 咲
Gender: Female
Birthday: 01/06/1989
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Eden of The East #1
1st anime movie: Eden of the East: King of Eden
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