Saizo Ato

Saizo Ato is a anime/manga character in the Higashi no Eden franchise
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Saizo Ato is the owner of Ato Institutes. He is also Mr. Outsider, the founder of the Selecao, and Selecao Number XII: The Supporter.


Saizo Ato was born in Japan some time before World War II. After the war and the devastation left in Japan, Saizo built up Ato Institutes as a way of helping Japan rebuild itself. Working with other members of Japan, his generation claims that they were the ones who helped to save Japan during the crisis of the 1940s and returned it to greatness. Ato Institutes also took off in the field of science and automobiles and gained massive profits. Despite this, Saizo was never a big spender and continued to work hard to help Japan and his company. Due to an incident that occurred in the 1980s, he dropped off the radar and took up a job as a taxi driver in Japan. During this time, Saizo saw how the greatness of the country is slipping away as no one has a way to truly save the country. During this time, he had children and would later have quadruplet grandchildren who would help their grandfather with his computer program Juiz.

Saizo and Akira meet
Saizo and Akira meet

Saizo started to pose a question to his passengers as he drove them around: "What would you do if you were given ten billion yen and told to save the country in any way possible?" It is unknown how he choose which answers were acceptable to his motives. He would meet Akira Takizawa on one of his paper routes as the young man mentions how earning money is much more thrilling than simply spending it all away. Because of this, Saizo chose Akira and ten other members to become Selecao; a group who would be given ten billion yen to which they must save Japan. Saizio himself also became a Selecao, specifically Selecao Number XII and the illusive Supporter: a member of the group who would eliminate any member who was deemed unfit to be a Selecao. While all the other Selecao interpreted this message that they would be killed, all Saizo would do is erase their memories as a Selecao.


Saizo Ato was created by Kenji Kamiyama for the series Eden of the East. He makes his first appearance in Episode 4: True Reality, False Reality. He also makes his full debut in Eden of the East: Paradise Lost. He is voiced by Hiroshi Arikawa in the Japanese version and Grant James in the English version.

Character Evolution

Saizo Ato fits every definition of how an elder in Japan lives. He sees himself as an idol among men due to the hard work he poured into Japan after the destruction of World War II. Saizo also looks down upon the youth at times as he feels that at times they are good for nothings or they their arrogance will be their downfall. Even with this demeanor, he doesn't hate the youth or anyone since he is more willing to work with people and give any one the chance to become great. Underneath the stern shell of an elder of Japan, at heart Saizo Ato is a compassionate man who appreciates anyone who works hard.

Major Story Arcs

When Akira heads back to Japan after erasing his memory, Saizo Ato watched everything unfold from afar. The closest the two came to meeting one another was at Hiura Memorial Hospital where Akira was looking to meet Hajime Hiura for answers about the Selecao. After Akira learns of his role as a Selecao, Saizo approaches Hajime as he has run out of money and will be taken out of the game. Even though Hajime thinks he will die, Saizo simply erases his memory. After this, Saizo resumes his role in the shadows to remain illusive. Despite this, Daiju Mononobe is able to deduce who he is and his role in the game. Mononobe attempts to usurp Saizo's role as Mr. Outside and take over, but Saizo uses almost all of his money as a Selecao to remove the Juiz servers from Ato Institutes to keep them out of Mononobe's hands. Saizo is last seen giving Mikuru Katsuhara and Saki Morimi a ride in his taxi back to the mall where Akira proceeds to save Japan once more.

Other Media

Paradise Lost

Saizo makes a decision
Saizo makes a decision

Six months after the second missile attack, Akira returns to Japan with an erased memory again and using the name Akira Iinuma due to his connections to Seiji iinuma and his request to become the leader of Japan. As Saizo continues to monitor the game, Toshiko Kitabayashi sends him some candy as a gift while Mononobe sends him a message stating that he'll come for him once he's done. It is then that Kazuomi Hirasawa locates Saizo based on the purchase by Toshiko, realizing that Saizo is who he is and asks about Akira. During the conversation, Hirasawa learns how he chose the Selecao and why he picked Akira. As they talk, Akira sends out a message to Japan as he mentions that the elderly of Japan need to give up some of their power so that the youth can build their own future with one yen he gives them. Saizo wonders if his generation are really to blame for the current status of Japan given all the hard work they put into the country. It is here he decides to end the game.

He calls all the remaining Selecao, stating that he is pleased with everything that they have done and that he has chosen a winner: all of them are the winners. Because of this, he gives them a gift and erases their memories as to never recall their actions. Hirasawa becomes enraged, stating Saizo is simply playing with people as he tries to attack only to get beaten down and tossed out the cab. Six month after this, Akira gets a ride from Saizo as he asks the same question as last time about ten billion yen. Akira laughs it off, showing his memory is in tact due to having erased his memory twice. He slaps Saizo on the head with a slipper, promising to slug Outsider when he met. The two laugh it off as Akira wants to work with him to save Japan.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Hiroshi Arikawa
Grant James
General Information Edit
Name: Saizo Ato
Name: 亜東 才蔵
Romanji: Atō Saizō
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Eden of The East #4
1st anime movie: Eden of the East: Paradise Lost
Aliases Mr. Outsider
Selecao Number XII
Misutā Autosaido
Recent Movies
Eden of the East: Paradise Lost

As Akira Takizawa heads back to Japan, the remaining players of the Selecao are putting everything on the line to win the game as the ...

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