Saiyuki Characters

Saiyuki is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 4 anime series, 2 manga series
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Gojyo Sha

Sha Gojyo is a half-demon, a child of a youkai and a human and uses the Shakugetsujou, a metal weapon staff with a sickle and chain, as his primary weapon.

Hakkai Cho


Cho Hakkai's pet dragon who is capable of turning into a jeep.



Kougaiji's half-sister and Gyokumen Koushou's daughter.

Nataku Taishi

Sanzo Genjyo

Son Goku

The "Monkey King" that was freed from a cage by Genjyo Sanzo.


An apothecary, alchemist, and Lirin's "babysitter" who is deeply devoted to Kougaiji, who saved her from being sacrificed to a Centipede Demon, and has rashly taken on dangerous missions to prove her loyalty to him.

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