How much did this attack hurt the enemy?

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@peruano99A: This isn't a Battle. Moved to the Saint Seiya forum.

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@peruano99A: A whole lot, Seiya in God Cloth had punches equal to Galaxian Explosion.... Imagine a 100,000,000 punches per second? 100,000,000 punches, all punches being equal to a destruction of a galaxy if used at full power (which was shown above). Thanatos armor sustain minor damage from Ikki Phoenix Hōyokutenshō which was greater than Gemini Galaxian Explosion, only getting his helmet destroyed. The attack was used twice and still Thanatos remained unharmed and easily tip toed Ikki along with the rest of the bronze saints. Thanatos surplice is at least multi galaxy level (to 100 galaxies or such). When Seiya and the rest of the Bronze Saints reached the 9th sense they evolved into nigh-universal beings.

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