how powerful is pegasus seiya , Aiolia gemini saga?

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I am watching the anime.. and I have seen Aiolia say he can punch 100 million times per second... and how about Gemini Saga? how powerful is he?.. I meant how powerful are the three of them.
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Meh... I'm going to have to go in depths brother, and I'm glad you're getting into Saint Seiya, SS doesn't have that much supporters and viwers  

Gemini Saga  

Like all Gold Saints he has mastery over the 7th sense which grants him telepathy, faster than light movements, telekinesis, cosmic awarness, atom manipulation, matter manipulation, etc. Gemini by far one of the strongest gold saints.  
Here Saga (Or should I say Evil Saga) gives an example of how fast a Gold Saint is in combat speed, he punches Ikki a thousand times per second, the beams of light are somehow his punches. 
Saga is one of the most smartest, intelligent, and diabolic Saints out of them all, he assassinated the Pope Aries and disguise himself while in the process keeping his true self (an illusion) in his temple. Also framing Sagittarius for attempting to kill Athena then manipulating most of the Saints to serve him.  
Saga uses a technique called Another Dimension, this technique allows Saga to warp the area into a galaxy and throw his opponent into a sealed dimension (Hyper dimension). He can use this attack to seal, cut, or distort space.  He also warps time with this technique making it nearly impossible to escape, though this technique has been broken numerous of times by other godly beings.  

 Galaxian Explosion is a blast that carries the explosion of an entire galaxy, its destructive capacity is well little however it is capable of giving the illusion of an entire galaxy exploding thus explaining why nothing in the process is destroyed by the blast since its inserted inside the target. This attack carries the properties of an entire galaxy exploding.  

Genromoken is a beam that charges at the opponent head, it allows Saga to mind control his opponents. This is how he kept the saints from revealing his identity. 
 Other than that, Saga is a pro illusionist & space manipulator also a diabolical genius!!!!!  

Leo Aiolia  

 Leo Aiolia is perhaps the most talented saints especially in Ep G.  Like all saint he can apply light to his movements making him FTL also travel through dimensions, use telekinsis, telepathy, etc. He can also manipulate atoms, matter, and lighting.  



Photon Buster is an attack that gathers billions of light & lighting which are inserted inside the target and release, this attack bypasses all durability. The attack is so powerful its said to be just as powerful as Galaxian Explosion. This attack apparently was used to kill Titan Monster Typhon at his weakest prime.  

Plasma Bolt is an attack that rapidly shoots billion lighting plasma's per second, the attack is so fast & powerful it looks like an instant.  
 Other than that, Leo is a very strong Saint.  

Pegasus Seiya

Seiya is the protagonist, not much is to be explained but he can over battles adapt to enemies powers such as Leo, Virgo, and even Taurus. Pegasus Seiya was shown to have a spirit so great it furthered Apollo's powers also damaged Hades Kamui (Universal Tanking). Over SS Seiya grows to be one of the top tiers as well as a God in SS.  

Pegasus Seiya uses Ryu Sei Ken on Thanatos after achieving God Cloth, he easily breaks Thanatos God Cloth (Multi Galaxy) with this attack. He used it against Hades and damaged Hades Kamui a bit.  
  Seiya at the beginning of Hades arc was so powerful he one shotted Wyvern who was tossing the Gold Saints around.
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I hope this information helps you and the others who really don't know about Saint Seiya ^_^
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This might be better suited for the Saint Seiya forum, considering it is a specified question about that Anime.
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@fire_star: I agree
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@fire_star said:

This might be better suited for the Saint Seiya forum, considering it is a specified question about that Anime.

@TheRedRose said:

@fire_star: I agree

This thread has been moved to the Saint Seiya page of the forums, since it was more appropriate.

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@TheRedRose:  Thank you.. one question how painful must it have been for thanatos when he got hit by seiya? I mean he lost in like less than 10 seconds it appears.
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@peruano99A: Very Painful, a billion punches (or more) per second!
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Galaxy Buster level and FTL speed thats way above Sailor dsecond. Leo Aiolia is among the fster ones, and can throw BILLIONS of Hits per second. Pegasus Seiya is even faster in . Pegasus Seiya is at least a Universal Threat and has defeated a Universal-Level God, Hades(though in a suicide style attack).

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