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Saint Seiya is a franchise comprised of 3 movies, 6 anime series, 2 manga series
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Aioria Leo

A powerful Gold Saint who wears the Leo Cloth. He is the younger brother of the former Gold Saint Aiolos.


Aldebaran is one of the twelve Gold Saints of Athena. He is the largest of the 12 Gold Saints.


Adoptive brother of Tenma Pegasus and Sasha Athena. Also he is the incarnation of Hades in the XVIII century.

Altar Hakurei

Silver Saint of the Altar form the XVI to the XVIII century. Once entrusted to take the Pope Role, but gave it to his twin brother Cancer Sage, then he became the Elder of Jamir.

Andromeda Shun

Shun is a bronze Saint of the Andromeda constellation. He wears the Andromeda Cloth and wields the powerful Nebula Chain.

Aquarius Camus

Aquarius Camus is one of the infamous Gold Saints who guards the Aquarius temple. Mastery over the 7th sense he can absorb light, move faster than light, and manipulate atoms & cosmic energy. He is a cryokinesis & is the master of Cygnus Hyoga and Kraken Isaac.

Aquila Yuna

The female Bronze Saint of the Eagle constellation who strongly opposes the implied rule that female Saints should remain in a life of secrecy.

Aries Mu

Mu is one of the Gold Saints serving Athena. He and Dohko were the only ones who knew the true intentions of the Pope (Saga in a disguise), and by that they rebelled against the sanctuary. he is responsible for repairing the damaged armor and is one of the strongest and intelligent allies of the Bronze Saints

Aries Shion

The Aries Gold saint in the XVIII century Holy War, later he became the Grand Pope until the XX century.

Bennu Kagaho

Heavenly Savage Star, Bennu Kagaho is one of the Specters of Hades. Unlike other specters he is only loyal to Hades himself.

Cancer Death Mask

Cancer Deathmask is one of the infamous Gold Saints of the sanctuary who guards the Cancer Temple making sure trespassers stay out along with the rest of the other Gold Saints who guard the sanctuary. He is very sadistic & brutal shown when he tortures Shiryu for his own pleasure.

Cancer Manigoldo

The Gold Saint of Cancer in the XVIII century. Trained by Cancer Sage one of the most powerful Grand Popes of the Sanctuary.

Cancer Sage

Cancer Gold Saint in the XVI century, after the Holy war of his time he took the Pope role in the Sanctuary. Until the XVIII century, when he plans to avenge his fellow saints murdered by Hypnos and Thanatos.

Capricorn El Cid

Capricorn Gold Saint in the XVIII century.

Capricorn Shura


A large warrior who is the student of the female Saint Shaina.

Chameleon June

One of the Bronze Saints, who was trained alongside Shun on Andromeda Island under the tutelage of Cepheus Daidalos.

Crystal Saint

One of Athena's 88 Saints and teacher of Hyoga.

Cygnus Hyoga

A Saint who wears the Bronze Cloth of the Cygnus constellation.


A Gold Saint loyal to Athena who wears the Libra Cloth. Also referred to as "Old Master" by his student Dragon Shiryu.

Eagle Marin

Marin is one of Athena's 88 Saints. She is a Silver Saint and Seiya's teacher, and also a rival to Shaina. She is powerful and strong-willed in everything she does.


The leader of the Caribe Saints who was exiled to the Caribbean Sea for a crime she committed ten years prior. In order to redeem herself, Geist was ordered to kill the Bronze Saints and return to the Sanctuary with the helmet of the Saggittarius Cloth.

Hornet Sonia

The daughter of Mars who belongs to their upper class, High Martians. Sonia is eventually promoted to a Gold Saint and gains the Scorpio cloth.

Kanon Gemini

Younger twin brother of Gemini Saga. He took his brother cloth after his death.


Kiki is the little aprentice of Mu in the anime Saint Seiya

Kora Cerberus

Little puppy once saved by Alone becomes his pet even after death.

Mermaid Thetis

A servant of Poseidon and one of his assistants to his generals.


Miho is a girl who works in a orphanage; she cares very much for her childhood friend Seiya.


Pegasus Koga

Koga is the lead character in the anime series Saint Seiya Omega. He wears the Pegasus Bronze Cloth.

Phoenix Ikki

The wrathful Saint of Athena who wears the Bronze Cloth of the Phoenix Constellation.

Pisces Albafica

The Pisces Gold Saint in the XVIII century. As part of his training to wear the Pisces cloth he became immune to poison, even it's believed that his blood itself has become poisonous.

Pisces Aphrodite

He is one of the 12 Gold Saints in the series Saint Seiya; he is the most beautiful among all the Saints.

Polaris Hilda

A beautiful and powerful young woman who is Odin's representative on Earth and priestess of Asgard.

Saga Gemini

A Gold Saint of the Sanctuary who wears the Gemini Cloth. He is the twin brother of Kanon.

Sagittarius Aiolos

Aiolos was one of the 12 Gold Saints serving under Athena, he see when Arles (Actually Saga in a disguise) tries to kill the eincarnation of Athena when she was an Infant, at the end he sacrificed his live to save the child

Saori Kido

Saori is the reincarnation of the Greek Goddess Athena. She holds absolute authority over the 88 Saints.


The incarnation of Athena in the XVIII century.

Scorpius Milo

A Gold Saint who wears the Scorpio Cloth.

Seiya Pegasus

Seiya is the main character of the Saint Seiya manga and anime series. He is the most loyal Saint of Athena who wears the bronze Pegasus Cloth.

Shaina Ophiuchus

Shaina is one of Athena's 88 Saints, she is a Silver Saint and like every female saint have to always wear a mask and if a man sees her without her mask, she has two options love him or kill him.


A Saint of Athena who wears the Bronze Dragon Cloth.


Shunrei is a orphan child, who meet Dohko and began to live for him. She also develops a strong friendship with Shiryu.

Taurus Aldebaran

XVIII century Taurus Gold Saint. His name was Rasgado but once called to serve Athena his changed it to Aldebaran as the first star of the Taurus constellation.

Tenma Pegasus

Tenma is the Pegasus Bronze Saint in the XVIII century. He is the protagonist in Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas and also appears in Saint Seiya Next Dimension.

Virgo Shaka

the first of all Gold Saints

Yato Unicorn

XVIII century bronze saint, who wears the Unicorn cloth. Usually teams up with Tenma Pegasus and Yuzuriha Crane.

Yuzuriha Crane

A female saint introduced in Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas. She is a student of Hakurei, the Lemurian master, and by implication trained with Aries Sion.

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