Masami Kurumada's CLASH OF THE TITANS Posters

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Wow… I expected Masami Kurumada to take some creative license for these CLASH OF THE TITANS posters, but not THIS MUCH. Maybe the man just doesn’t like Sam Worthington’s face, because Perseus here looks absolutely nothing like Perseus does in the live action remake.  I suppose Harry Hamlin’s lush mane of golden “70s hair” in the original CLASH OF THE TITANS must have stolen Kurumada’s heart, because there’s no buzzcut to be seen in these posters. He sticks pretty close to the Greco-esque armors from the movies and riffs only just a little on the compositions from the live action posters, so the hair issue is a deliberate choice.  Maybe he’s giving Worthington a subtle-hint to “let it all grow out”, sort of like how my Mom gets all passive-aggressive about wanting me to get a decent hair cut whenever I’m home.

Follicular digressions aside, I’ll remind you that this is a follow-up to our first report about this gig last week. Where once you could only envision what this East-meets-West mash-up would look like, you now have it visualized before, as if you, like Perseus himself, snatched an eye from the sisters of Fate.  One new interesting tidbit that’s been brought up by ANN is that, in addition to director Louis Letterier being a fan of the Kurumada’s Saint Seiya (which we already knew), he actually based the armor of the Olympians off those worn by the knights in the manga. Natch!

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Eww?  I really don't like those.  I'm not a fan though.
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I heard if you watch this in 3D it's crappy.
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Reminds me of Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac for obvious reasons. However i too do not like them. The proportions of the guy are always off and angled weirdly in each one. Looks like some bad fan art made by a kid to be honest.
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I liked the first one (With the Kragen), but the rest to me are just not very good (in my unprofessional opinion).
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@ShadowKnight508 said:
" I liked the first one (With the Kragen), but the rest to me are just not very good (in my unprofessional opinion). "
Agreed, the second movie is crummy in comparison to the first
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Movie wise the original was probably better but the actual action sequences and camera work were far better done in the modern remake actually and that is sort of unsurprising.  However the anime posters yeah.... they leave something to be desired.  They look they stayed back in the 80's with the original movie to be honest.  In the remake the pegasus Perseus rides isn't even white 
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Blond Seiya? Yuck... this looks like some Cg'd fanart, not an illustration for a movie poster.
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