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Sailor Moon is an anime series in the Sailor Moon franchise
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Okay, as a diehard Sailor Moon fan, I will admit that I am a little biased here. But you have to give Sailor Moon credit - it was one of the TV shows that inspired thousands of American kids to become anime fans. It mainly targeted a female audience, becoming a gateway for those not necessarily drawn in by the likes of Dragonball Z. (Disclaimer: I was also a DBZ fan and know plenty of male Sailor Moon fans, but you get the point.) It was also the original "magical girl" show. As overused as that genre is now, back when Sailor Moon was created, the concept was brand new. 
This show is about a normal teenage 14-year-old girl who gets bad grades, hangs out at the arcade, spends most of her time thinking about boys, and loves to eat unhealthy snacks. One day she saves a purple cat with a crescent moon mark on her head, uncovering the fact that the cat talks. The cat, Luna, gives Usagi/Serena a magical broach that transforms her into a miniskirt clad superhero, Sailor Moon. Luna is then charged with the responsibility of training Serena to become a hero instead of a crybaby.  
In later episodes, Sailor Moon is joined by more heroes - the lovely and dramatic Sailor Venus, the cute and smart Sailor Mercury, the hot-tempered beauty Sailor Mars, and the tall and charming Sailor Jupiter.  Tuxedo Mask is the tall, dark and handsome caped/masked man who comes in to distract the enemy by throwing a red rose at the right time. More often than not, however, Tuxedo Mask is the one who ends up in trouble and Sailor Moon has to save him. There are other characters, of course, who appear in later seasons (such as Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Pluto, and the Sailor Starlights.) 
If you look at the way the episodes are constructed, they all follow a basic formula. An enemy appears, Sailor Moon inevitably has to transform and fight, Tuxedo Mask jumps in at some point, the enemy is defeated, the boss comes in to taunt Sailor Moon then disappears, and then everything goes back to normal including anyone who was possessed by monsters. Personal problems are also resolved. 
I do wish they would release a remastered version of this series - it looks and sounds very old and outdated as it stands. Forgivable considering it was started in 1992, but still. I can't honestly say I would ever give this series less than a perfect rating if for nothing more than the nostalgia factor - I used to rush home from school in order to be on time to be glued to the TV screen for the newest episode of Sailor Moon. Despite its age, the series still has thousands of American and international fans. Many people will remember it as the series that helped them discover anime in the first place. Anime conventions are still chock full of cosplayers donning the famous multicolored miniskirts. After 17 years, not too many anime series can claim the same.
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