Ota09: Why Sailor Moon Toys Do Not Suck

Topic started by gia on July 22, 2009. Last post by Rexic 4 years, 7 months ago.
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It came to my attention recently that some Otakon attendees thought it was awesomely awful that a dealer was carrying some of the old North American-made Sailor Moon toys. I am here to tell you, my dear readers, why this is not so much awesomely awful as it is just awesome.

You see, the toy pictured on Dale's article-- as well as all the ones pictured in this article except the one in a yellow box –were actually made for the North American audience. Up until Sailor Moon, your only options for anime toys made in the US were pretty much giant robots (like Robotech) or maybe some really old Speed Racer toys. (And maybe Dragon Ball Z; I always think of it as coming out around the same time as my lovely Sailor Moon.)

Anything else you wanted, you had to import. And if you were, like me, an 11- or 12-year-old girl, you couldn't always afford to drive up to Japantown in San Francisco and shop in the import stores-- much less buy stuff on eBay (just to date this: PayPal didn't exist until I was 14).
Okay, so the toys weren't as good looking as a Barbie. They weren't even as good looking as Max (how many of you guys remember THAT would-be Barbie alternative). But you know what? They were made for us, the (mostly female) American anime fans, and those of us who bought them did so with pride. And a lot more money left in their wallets than importers had.

So there! <3
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I owned... well not those dolls but ones that my uncle bought me for Christmas. I was lucky when I was young because my local mall used to have an import goodies store (sadly that tanked out as I grew older) and my uncle was awesome enough to buy me sailor moon dolls... but they're all gone now since my mom gave them away. I'm still slightly peeved that I don't have them anymore.
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I think I had that Tuxedo Mask doll. I still have (and still love) my Sailor Moon pencil case. So nostalgic!
Post by Rexic (99 posts) See mini bio Level 19
I want to get a Tuxedo Mask one.^^
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