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Sailor Moon is an anime series in the Sailor Moon franchise
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Ami Mizuno

Ami Mizuno is a genius schoolgirl who transformers alongside Usagi and the rest of the group fight against evil and protect Sailor Moon as the Sailor Scouts. Ami has power of ice and water, and is the tactitian of the team.


Artemis is one of the guardian cats that appear in the manga/anime/live action series of Sailor Moon.


Balm Was a Youma Owned by Jadeite


A twin Youma that appeared in episode 21 of Sailor Moon with her sister Pollux. Castor had the ability to use Sailor Mars Fire Soul attack.

Countess Rose

An English aristocrat who ran "Princess Seminars" for girls who wanted to learn etiquette and manners. She was turned into the Youma, Shakokai by Kunzite.


A Youma that appeared in episode 6 of Sailor Moon.

DD girls

The DD girls were five powerful Youma that took orders from Queen Beryl and were the last line of Defense for the Dark Kingdom.

Gurio Umino


A youma under the control of Jadeite that appeared in the Episode 5 of Sailor Moon.


Jadeite is one of the Shitenou(4 generals) who served under king Endymion and then queen Beryl in the series Sailor Moon. Jadeite was the first general defeated by the Sailor Senshi.


A famous Ice Skater who was turned into a Youma with her Partner Misha in Episode 39 of Sailor Moon.


A friend of Minakos that she met when she lived in London. Katrina is a Interpol police officer who discovered Minako was Sailor V after assisting her stop a criminal. She was used by Kunzite to find Sailor Moon and transformed Katrina into a Youma called Papillon.


Kunzite is one of the Shittenou(4 generals) who worked under king Endymion then Queen Beryl in the series Sailor Moon. Kunzite was the last General defeated by the sailor senshi.

Lita Kino

Lita or Makoto Kino is Sailor Jupiter and is the third to join the Sailor Senshi. She is tomboyish and very tough, and has a very strong personality. Her element is thunder and she fights in the name of justice for Jupiter.


Luna is the guardian of Sailor Moon. She is responsible for guiding Usagi as Sailor Moon and the Moon Princess. She keeps track of the activities of villains, such as the Queen Beryl, and provides the henshin wands the Sailor Senshi need to transform.

Mamoru Chiba

Mamoru Chiba is one of the main characters in the anime/manga/live-action Sailor Moon. He is also Tuxedo Kamen in the series, and helps supports the Sailor Scouts by either quickly interfering with the enemy causing them confusion or physically helping them out in a fight.

Mina Aino

Originally a star of her own manga, Codename: Sailor V, in which Mina Aino is a volleyball player looking for love in all the wrong places, Minako becomes one of the Sailor Senshi, now known as Sailor Venus. She then fights for justice and love in the name of Venus.


A famous Ice Skater who was turned into a Youma with his Partner Janelyn in Episode 39 of Sailor Moon.


A youma under the control of Jadeite that appeared in the Episode 11 of Sailor Moon.

Nana Asahina

A Tabloid Photographer who was turned into the Youma Oniwabandana by Kunzite.

Naru Osaka

Naru is a character in the series Sailor Moon.She is one of Usagi Tsukinos best friends who isnt a senshi.She is in a relationship with Umino.


Nephrite is one of the Shittenou (4 generals) who served under Kin Endymion and then under Queen Beryl. Nephrite was the second general defeated by the Sailor Senshi.


A twin Youma that appeared in episode 21 of Sailor Moon with her sister Castor. Pollux had the ability to use Sailor Mercury's Saboo Spray attack.

Queen Beryl

Considered to be the first villian to Sailor Moon in all versions, Queen Beryl is a powerful ruler of the Negaverse and a servant to Queen Metalia, she faces off against Princess Serenity and is eventually destroyed.

Queen Metalia

Queen Metalia is a demon/entity from the sun and the Ruler of the dark Kingdom

Queen Serenity

Queen Serenity was the the queen of the Moon during the Silver Millenium. She is the mother of Sailor Moon.

Raye Hino

Rei Hino is actually Sailor Mars, a evil fighting Sailor Scout with the power of fire, she along with the other scouts fight against evil everywhere. She specifically fights for love and justice in the name of Mars.

Rei's Grandfather

Rei's Grandfather who had one of the seven Nijizuishou residing in his body.

Serena Tsukino

Serena or Usagi Tsukino is the main character and the moon princess in the series "Sailor Moon". She was an average teenage girl living in 20th century Tokyo,Japan until she met Luna from the Moon Kindgom. She transforms into the hero of justice, Sailor Moon to defeat any threatening forces.


A Youma that appeared in episode 12 of Sailor Moon.


A Youma summoned by Nephrite in Episode 16 of Sailor Moon.


Yasha is a Youma Owned by Zoisite

Yuuichirou Kumada

A character from the Sailor Moon anime. Yuuichirou is an apprentice at the Hikawa Jinja. He fell in love with Rei Hino and begged her grandfather to allow him to become his apprentice.


Zoisite is one of the Shittenou(4 Generals) who served under King Endymojn, then Queen Beryl in the series Sailor Moon. Zoisite was made a female in the English dub, due to his relationship with Kunzite.

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