Would You Watch a Sailor Moon Re-Dub?

Topic started by gia on June 22, 2009. Last post by Rexic 4 years, 7 months ago.
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Sailor Moon
was my gateway anime-- not my first, but the one that got me looking at what anime was and how I could get more of it. Without it, I would not be here. I would probably be...well, frankly, I can't even begin to speculate.

Back in May, FUNimation launched another survey for their blog about what people would be interested in seeing them take on, and one of the options listed in the survey was a “Re-dub of entire Sailormoon series” [sic].

I just noticed that a Sailor Moon news blog (yes, there are still a couple) called Moon Chase has launched a campaign to push FUNimation to move forward with the idea, and has established a reader survey to see who would suit the fresh dub roles, particulary voice actors FUNimation generally works with.

I'm not taking part in the survey; to be perfectly honest, I doubt I would spend money on a new Sailor Moon release personally. But I'm curious: how many of you Vice readers would be interested in a new take on Sailor Moon?

You know what would be really cool? You know how they're doing Dragon Ball Kai, rerecording the audio and cutting out all of the filler stuff? I'd love to see a version of Sailor Moon done like that. Sailor Moon Kai. Go for it, Toei!
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If Adam Sheehan had a dollar every time someone asks this of him, he'd be a rich(er) man.

It's a precious lesson to be learned by all, I hope.
Post by Deacon_Sephiroth (950 posts) See mini bio Level 2
I would not..... could not
Post by yuricon (13 posts) See mini bio Level 1
I was never interested in a dub. Ogata Megumi, Mitsuishi Kotono, Shinohara Emi, Hisakawa Aya are all still in my Top 10 of seiyuu. What I want is a newly remastered original voice/sound track, because Toei sent Pioneer a third-generation tape to work off, and the sound is crap on the DVDs.

I'd watch the dub, if they changed all the dialogue and names back, but that's not what would move me to buy a new set. Ogata-san as Haruka is *the* reason I'm into anime at all. QED. :-)



Hungry for Yuri? Have some Okazu!
Post by paploo (48 posts) See mini bio Level 2
I'd rather Funi re-release the existing dubs [warts and all- can't help but love em], and reassemble assorted veteran SM VA's and dub Sailor Stars and the SuperS Mercury movie.
Post by Kirielson (34 posts) See mini bio Level 1
I agree that they should do a Sailor Moon condense remix...except maybe call it Sailor Moon A.

I'd love to see a redub, if the popularity was there, I also think that it might be fun to see fresh faces on the dub instead of vetrans, it could help define some of their carrers at that point. 
Post by Sonata (36,364 posts) See mini bio Level 20
LOL I Dunno Maybe....with alot of alcohol in my system
Post by Void_Wizard (735 posts) See mini bio Level 9
I probably would.
Post by Elfie (43 posts) See mini bio Level 1
I never picked up the previous dub due to edits, horrid accents in the dub cast, and the lack of being able to get the entire series, including Sailor Stars. If FUNimation were to redub it all, and release Stars, I'd definitely pick the series up. :)

It was one of my gateway anime's too, that I watched knowing what it was, versus the anime I grew up on as a child and had no idea it was made in Japan and brought over.
Post by Baku_Sensei (464 posts) See mini bio Level 10
I would, most definitely.
Post by HeeroYuy (1,210 posts) See mini bio Level 12
I may enjoy shoujo shows a lot more than I should for being a mecha fan, but I wouldn't buy Sailor Moon, new or old version.
Post by RedRoses (1,437 posts) See mini bio Level 14
Despite the horrendous dubbing of the older version, that's what I grew up on so I'd want the ability to listen to the "bad" dub... though I don't think I'd invest money in buying the series but I may check it out by renting it or something.
Post by Lunarmoth (193 posts) See mini bio Level 5
I don't know I just finish the show last Sunday. No I'm not kidding you all 200 eps, over a year, now done. But those where the dubs, so I don't know the English voice. As I see older show I do see why people like them. In this case I really not a fan of DB Kai, because all the old animations and timing is now part of the show. But that might just be me.
In any case I'm still evaluating Sailor Moon in my head. I might make a blog about in sometime later this week so I can get the ideas straight in my head. In any case if done right this could be a good financial opportunity for Funimation.
Post by Lan (621 posts) See mini bio Level 13
GOOD GOD YES! Although, I wish they would keep the original Japanese lyrics for Ai No Senshi in the S series and not refer to Haruka and Michiru as cousins because that would cause problems that they can't get around when it comes to Super S and Stars. Also, I would like to see it unedited. Keep in mind though, I still love the Japanese voice actors, but a new, good dub would be very welcome.
Post by MorpheusDreamweaver (93 posts) See mini bio Level 1
I'd definitely watch Sailor Moon with a new dub (at least a few epsiodes), but I doubt I'd be willing to buy it again. Of course, if you promise to get me Stars, I'd reconsider getting the whole run again.

(I'd kinda like a shot at owning the original dub version of the first two seasons too... I only have ADV's subbed sets for them.)
Post by sailordees (3 posts) See mini bio Level 1
Thanks for linking us Gia!  Any little bit helps!  It's really important for readers to fill out the survey, especially if they want the old VAs back.  That's the main reason why we put it up , to compare the old cast with potential new picks from Funimation's roster.  Also, many fans didn't get a chance to own all the releases (especially in Canada) so this could be their chance to finally finish their collection.  Currently most of the old cast is winning, but there are a couple exceptions.
Post by vert (1 posts) See mini bio Level 1
Wow, a Sailor Moon campaign, that takes me back. I hope it doesn't involve buying Pop-Tarts. ;)

I agree that the priority should be to release the stuff that hasn't yet come out in R1, if that's even possible (Toei seems to have a weird attitude about Sailor Stars) And any re-dub is only worth it if it's unedited. Personally, I'd probably watch it if it ended up on TV, but I've seen Sailor Moon so many times at this point I couldn't justify buying it.
Post by sailordees (3 posts) See mini bio Level 1
I promised the fans no poptarts :)
Post by animemiz (13 posts) See mini bio Level 2
I would also probably say no.. what is the purpose again? To inspire a new generation of viewers? Sailor Moon dub was such garbage when they messed up with Haruka.. what exactly are they going to explain as the roles of Sailor Stars then?  Because there would always be issues with sexuality in this series... Even though I grew up initially watching the DiC Dub, then Chinese dubs... and finally Japanese... I feel that there is still gender issues in this series, that the Americans will not get at all. Plus censorship still might come in...so all for naught?
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I don't have a simple answer to this question, but I have some insight, if I may.

I personally own ALL of the Sailor Moon anime, but I am sad to say it is all bootlegged. Let me clarify that I do NOT believe in pirating anime as it is killing the industry, but at the time when I bought the series (many years ago), almost none of it was even available in the States legally, and the few single legit DVDs/VHS tapes with episodes and movies that I did own were all that you could get. Had I been able to purchase this anime legally at the time, even at a higher price, I would have.

Yes, I purchased the movies on VHS originally. Yes, I even upgraded the movies to DVD form and bought the legit DVDs with episodes as they came out. But even then the series was incomplete in legit form, and you had to pay $30 per DVD as there were no box sets. And they did that BS where they put like 7 episodes on the first disc, then each subsequent disc was equally priced but had about 3 episodes. I have heard every excuse in the book about translation/international fees that are the whole reason anime is so expensive, but come on - when they start pulling crap like that, especially with an anime so old, their argument becomes hard to defend.

Later on, ADV released the first 2 seasons in box set form. For at least $125 apiece. Without any remastering. Without any cool extras. Then they wondered why nobody bought them, and they were discontinued before I even had the chance to save up for them. I mean, WTF? How overconfident can you be that you can release a VHS-quality anime from the early 90's straight on DVD without doing a thing to improve it, for such an outrageous price?

Throughout all of that, I don't recall if they ever finally released the fifth season in the US at all.  The English dubbing was terrible from the get-go - Luna sounded like an old lady, Sailor Moon talked like she was making fun of herself, and the rest of the characters were almost as bad.  Additionally, the censorship of that show shocked me when I finally saw the original in subtitled form - major plot points had been completely changed. In the DiC version, Jadeite had been made into a woman (since he was originally in a homosexual relationship with Malachite), Sailors Uranus and Neptune were "cousins" instead of lovers (they even went so far as to claim that the "love contest" they won in one episode had been entered as a "practical joke" - uncharacteristic of both of the more solemn characters), Sailor Moon got a "stomachache" from drinking too much "grape juice" at a ball in one episode (come on, how stupid do they think kids are?), rice balls were referred to as "donuts" (maybe to make them more familiar to American children?), and even slight body lines had been cut out of the transformation scenes.  When I found out how different it was from the original, I couldn't help but feel as though my entire childhood had been a lie. lol.

Through it all, I love Sailor Moon. It was my first anime and my gateway. No matter how many series I watch, Sailor Moon will always be my first anime love as well as my favorite.  However, for me to spend more money on a re-release, I would like to see some improvements. A few ideas:

  1. Remastering of both the sound and picture. They did this with Cowboy Bebop and released the whole box set at the low price of $40. I do realize that Sailor Moon has 200 episodes and Cowboy Bebop had around 24 or so, so I would expect to pay more for it., but not a ridiculous amount.
  2. A true re-release including subs and dubs that stays close to the original dialogue as much as possible. In a COMPLETE box set form.
  3. A Sailor Moon blu-ray box set. Complete, remastered, with all the movies and episodes, and maybe some extras like cool packaging, an action figure, an exclusive toy, collectible cards, posters, etc. With subs and new dubs, and maybe even an option to watch it with the old dubs, just for a laugh. Now this, I would pay out some serious cash for. This is my ultimate Sailor Moon wish.
  4. A full collection of the manga by Naoko Takeuchi, like one of those huge thick books that puts together the whole thing. Azumanga Daioh did it and it worked beautifully. Of course for Sailor Moon that would be one big book, but still. And yes the manga is off topic, but it is on the list of Sailor Moon Stuff I Would Still Pay For. Maybe it could even be packaged with the ultimate blu-ray DVD collection.
These things may simply be unrealistic at this point - Sailor Moon has a huge fan base, but because of its age and previous disappointing releases, people may be simply unwilling to spend the money on it now. I really think the blu-ray thing would be a great idea though - with enough advertising, it could be a smash hit.

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