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Well, it’s pretty much impossible for me not to watch this through the lens of MADOKA MAGICA. Now that I’m finally seeing the show that inspired the deconstruction, it’s actually very easy to imagine how Urobuchi’s thought process probably charted out when he was looking for gaps IN WHICH to infer darker implications. Hell, I’m even seeing menacing undertones to Usagi’s whimsical encounter with Luna, now that I’ve met that magical cat’s evil analog, Kyubey.

(Speaking of which, it’s highly amusing that the ‘save the cat’ moment to build sympathy sees Sailor Moon literally saving a cat. Suppose you can’t fault an anime for cutting straight to the point…)

Going into this, I expected to learn I’d held plenty of misconceptions about SAILOR MOON over the years. Obviously, I’ve been aware of the show since I was a kid, but I never actually watched it (it was so girly. Ewwww…!) However, I definitely wasn’t expecting this first episode to remind me more of an eight-page origin story from a Golden Age superhero comic. there’s a very specific texture to the suspension of disbelief here. The way Usagi just becomes Sailor Moon with no apprehension (she’s only emulating this other heroine, who’s always been there), the way Luna offers no explanation of her role and the way Tuxedo Mask just appears as if we’ve already been introduced to him… there are just all these delightful leaps.

It’s as if the creators were purposely leaving plenty of room open for somebody to come along later and reexamine the basic set-up they’d put together. Hell, even the powerful witch’s scheme (she’s taking over a jewelry store?) seems so incongruously beneath her power level, it’s like threads are being left dangling by design.

What say you, lunatics? As we count down to this new iteration of SAILOR MOON, can you go back to the O.G. Magical Girl after your brain’s been reassembled by Madoka?

Watch "The Crybaby: Usagi's Beautiful Transformation" and decide for yourself.

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Sure I can, given that Madoka was a very dark subversion of Of the Sailor scout's adventure's, Sailor Moon was cute, romantic, And whimsical, with only a dash of old fashioned wickedness From the baddies, where as Madoka on the other hand was More like a tragic fairy tale, I don't think Madoka should be thought of as some kind Of successor to that series, but rather the same premise seen From another angle, I'd argue that's probably why the upcoming remake still has plenty Of room to shine,
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Sailor Moon will not be the same after Madoka Magika. The "magic" is gone at this point.

I do want to see how much - if at all - the Sailor Moon plot is modernized in the remake. If it sticks to the manga exactly then I likely won't care, but if there are significant changes I might actually watch. My favorite "girl" show right now is Totally Spies. That show did a good job making a show targeted towards females that wasn't too "girly" to be enjoyable by males.

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It's not really fair to compare Sailor Moon and Madoka Magica. The former sticks to conventional elements of the mahou shoujo genre while the latter shatters said conventional elements to offer up its own unique and twisted spin on the genre.

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The modern successor to SM is Precure.

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Looking back on the anime as I read the manga now, I think the former is better paced than the latter. The manga gives you almost no time to breath and think about what just happened (too fast paced, me thinks).

I might as well suggest that you look into the first episode of Pretty Cure, just for the heck of it. That show may or may not help put things in perspective in-between Sailor Moon and Madoka. Pretty Cure is also availible on Crunchyroll and Hulu last time I checked.

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I plan on checking out OG Sailor Moon eventually. I saw this clip and was pretty impressed at the animation plus I like that old school look. I'm in a shonen rut and I never knew the series had action and stuff like below in it so I'm curious to see if it can satisfy my needs for that.

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I was pretty embarrassed to watch this show back then. I remember the guys ask me to watch this show in the kitchen during 4th of July. Later our fathers came in to get a beer and were ashamed of their sons for watching such a girly show. It wasn't a show for guys. Nowadays, it's okay for guys to watch shows without questioning your masculinity. You found folks who appreciate what you are and don't mind what you watch. For me, that was Anime Vice.


Madoka doesn't make me enjoy Sailor Moon less. Rather, it's more of a subtrope of the Magical Girl Genre.


I agree with Kino's angle argument. I can enjoy Sailor Moon for what it is. It's the one of best examples and gateway drugs into anime and the magical girl genre.


You and Sakuga. I know you love shows with lots of fluid animation. I didn't know Sailor Moon had action. Sailor Moon reuses a lot of its long transformation. I'm starting to do a marathon on HULU every Monday.


Heard of Precure, but I never tried it. I know BigHeart711 is a big fan of the show.

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I watched Sailor Moon before Madoka Magica. At least most of it so my expectations were not thwarted by Madoka's superior animation and mature tone. If you want to get into the Mahou Shoujo category, I would say Sailor Moon is best to start with even if you don't finish all 5 seasons. If you skip a season skip 4. You don't lose much and it was for me the least impressive arc.

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Nope not watching this one....I had to have several people tell me that madoka was not only a deconstruction but the best anime of all time before I would watch it since it was a magical girl show. Looking for something on another planet another universe from my comfort zone....this is it.

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I never watched Sailor Moon when it was on tv, but my sister watched enough that I remember the basic premise. Personally, my favorite magical girl franchise is Lyrical Nanoha. If I knew a way to watch it online legally, I'd absolutely recommend you watch it Tom. The biggest issue is it takes I think 8 episodes before it finally breaks away from your standard magical girl show and becomes awesome. Here's what I mean:

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