Sailor Moon Characters

Sailor Moon is a franchise comprised of 3 movies, 9 anime series, 2 manga series
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A daimon that appeared in episode 101 & 102 of Sailor Moon S.

Serena Tsukino

Serena or Usagi Tsukino is the main character and the moon princess in the series "Sailor Moon". She was an average teenage girl living in 20th century Tokyo,Japan until she met Luna from the Moon Kindgom. She transforms into the hero of justice, Sailor Moon to defeat any threatening forces.

Souichi Tomoe

Hotaru Tomoe's father who is the leader of the Death Busters. It is revealed he is really being controlled by one of Mistress 9's minions.


A Daimon that appeared in Episode 92 of Sailor Moon S.

Taiki Lights


A daimon summoned by Kaolinite in episode 98 of Sailor Moon S.


A member of Witches 5 who is in charge of the botany class in the Physical Division of Mugen Academy.


Tesuni was a Youma owned by Nephrite in the Anime of Sailor Moon


A Youma that appeared in episode 12 of Sailor Moon.

Tiger's Eye

A member of the Amazon Trio. Tiger's Eye was once a tiger until Zirconia turned him into a human.

Trista Meioh

Trista Meioh or Setsuna Meiou is Sailor Pluto and a member of the Outer Senshi. She is the guardian of the Time Gate, and on rare occasions allows people to travel through time. She is mysterious character. Her weapon is the Time Key.

U Bara

A Daimon that appeared in episode 116 of Sailor Moon S.

U Choten

A Daimon summoned by Mimete in episode 119.


A Droid Summoned by Esmeraude in episode 77 of Sailor Moon R.


A Cardian that appeared in Episode 55 of Sailor Moon R.


A Cardian that appeared in episode 47 of Sailor Moon R.


VesVes is one of the Amazon Quartet in the Anime Sailor Moon SuperS


A member of Witches 5. Viluy was the computer class teacher of the Science Division at the Infinity Academy.


A Youma summoned by Nephrite in Episode 16 of Sailor Moon.


An evil being who uses the Black Moon family to achieve his goal of gaining enough power to destroy the world.


The last Cardian that appeared in episode 58 of Sailor Moon R.


Yasha is a Youma Owned by Zoisite

Yaten Lights

Yuuichirou Kumada

A character from the Sailor Moon anime. Yuuichirou is an apprentice at the Hikawa Jinja. He fell in love with Rei Hino and begged her grandfather to allow him to become his apprentice.


A member of the Dead Moon Circus. Zirconia is Secondary to Queen Nehellenia, and controls the Amazoness Quartet and the Amazon Trio.


Zoisite is one of the Shittenou(4 Generals) who served under King Endymojn, then Queen Beryl in the series Sailor Moon. Zoisite was made a female in the English dub, due to his relationship with Kunzite.

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