Sailor Moon SuperS Characters

Sailor Moon SuperS is an anime series in the Sailor Moon franchise
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Ami Mizuno

Ami Mizuno is a genius schoolgirl who transformers alongside Usagi and the rest of the group fight against evil and protect Sailor Moon as the Sailor Scouts. Ami has power of ice and water, and is the tactitian of the team.


Artemis is one of the guardian cats that appear in the manga/anime/live action series of Sailor Moon.


CereCere is one of the Amazon Quartet in Sailor Moon SuperS


Diana is the female cat on the hit manga/anime Sailor Moon.


A member of the Amazon Trio. Fisheye was once a Fish until Zirconia turned him into a human.

GaraGara Musume

One of VesVes's lemures that appears in episode 150 Sailor Moon SuperS.

Hawk's Eye

A member of the Amazon Trio. Hawk's Eye was once a hawk until Zirconia turned him into a human.


One of Tiger Eye's Lemures that appears in episode 135 of Sailor Moon SuperS.


The guardian of Elysion who was captured by the Dead Moon Circus and sealed in the form of a Pegasus. He is able to escape by sending his spirit to find help to which encounter Chibiusa and helps her and the other Sailor Scouts against their new enemies.


JunJun is the acrobatic member of the Amazon Quartet in Sailor Moon SuperS


The first Lemures that appeared in Episode 128 of Sailor Moon SuperS that was summoned by Tiger's Eye.

Lita Kino

Lita or Makoto Kino is Sailor Jupiter and is the third to join the Sailor Senshi. She is tomboyish and very tough, and has a very strong personality. Her element is thunder and she fights in the name of justice for Jupiter.


Luna is the guardian of Sailor Moon. She is responsible for guiding Usagi as Sailor Moon and the Moon Princess. She keeps track of the activities of villains, such as the Queen Beryl, and provides the henshin wands the Sailor Senshi need to transform.

Mamoru Chiba

Mamoru Chiba is one of the main characters in the anime/manga/live-action Sailor Moon. He is also Tuxedo Kamen in the series, and helps supports the Sailor Scouts by either quickly interfering with the enemy causing them confusion or physically helping them out in a fight.

Mina Aino

Originally a star of her own manga, Codename: Sailor V, in which Mina Aino is a volleyball player looking for love in all the wrong places, Minako becomes one of the Sailor Senshi, now known as Sailor Venus. She then fights for justice and love in the name of Venus.

Momoko Momohara

Chibi-Usa's best friend.


PallaPalla is one of the Amazon Quartets in Sailor Moon SuperS


A humanoid balloon Lemures used by Tiger's Eye in episode 132 of Sailor Moon SuperS.

Queen Nehellenia

The main antagonist of Sailor Moon Super S who is the Queen of the Dead Moon Circus.

Raye Hino

Rei Hino is actually Sailor Mars, a evil fighting Sailor Scout with the power of fire, she along with the other scouts fight against evil everywhere. She specifically fights for love and justice in the name of Mars.

Rini Tsukino

Usagi and Mamoru's daughter from the future.

Serena Tsukino

Serena or Usagi Tsukino is the main character and the moon princess in the series "Sailor Moon". She was an average teenage girl living in 20th century Tokyo,Japan until she met Luna from the Moon Kindgom. She transforms into the hero of justice, Sailor Moon to defeat any threatening forces.

Tiger's Eye

A member of the Amazon Trio. Tiger's Eye was once a tiger until Zirconia turned him into a human.


VesVes is one of the Amazon Quartet in the Anime Sailor Moon SuperS


A member of the Dead Moon Circus. Zirconia is Secondary to Queen Nehellenia, and controls the Amazoness Quartet and the Amazon Trio.

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