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Sailor Moon S is an anime series in the Sailor Moon franchise
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Cosmic Heart Compact

Sailor Moon's Transformation Brooch she used throughout Sailor Moon S.

Crystal Star

Usagi Tsukino's transformation device she used during Sailor Moon R.

Deep Aqua Mirror

This is the weapon of Sailor Neptune and one of the three Talismans needed to form the Holy Grail.

Disguise Pen

A device used by Sailor Moon to disguise her appearance.

Imperium Silver Crystal

This magic crystal belongs to Sailor Moon and is the key to all her power. It marks her as the Moon Princess. It is extremely powerful and is sought by countless villains.

Playing Cards

A set of 52 Cards used to gamble or play poker.

Prism Heart Compact

The transformation Brooch used by ChibiUsa.

Space Sword

This is the sword used by Sailor Uranus. It is one of the three talismans which form the Holy Grail when brought together.

Spiral Heart Moon Rod

Sailor Moon's weapon she receives in episode 091. It was created by the love Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion's love during the Silver Millenium.

Star Power Stick

The transformation device the Sailor Senshi used during Sailor Moon R and S.

Time Key Staff

This special key shaped staff allows Sailor Pluto to open the Gates of Time and Space. It can also be used as a weapon. The garnet orb on top of it is one of the three Talismans that form the Holy Grail.

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