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Hanayamata and Blue Spring Ride are in the vain of Slice of life shows and they do a good job at being just that. Also the "magical girl" in Hanaymata is American so in sense she is magical in that she has a different mind set.

Sailor Moon crystal is pretty much Sailor moon just following the Manga structure and having a little quicker pace.

Argevollen doesn't bring anything new to the mech scene and with Aldnoah.Zero already hitting top sales it clear where people's interest comes in to which mech show people are watching.

RWBY is RWBY, enough said.

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When people say Powerpuff Girls and My Little Pony are for kids or little girls, they are right, but anyone can enjoy it. It's not a shame to feel it. I only get to saw Sailor Moon once back in July 4 during my childhood when some guys and I watch one episode in the kitchen. Our fathers came in to get their beer and call us out on our masculinity when watching the show.

I only got into Sailor Moon back in May of 2014 when HULU streams the original series. Looking at the original series, I wonder if this show was for children. They were liberal with the occasional panty shot. I was surprised. Mamoru and Nephrite were adults who were being crushed on by middle school girls. It's really weird.

For Sailor Moon Crystal, I was more harder on the animation and drawing style because Sailor Moon Crystal is less expressive than the original series.

For Argevollen, it was generic, but it got better after the pilot. I know the pilot was unimpressive. It's great to watch this show and compare to another mech series in the same season, Aldnoah.Zero because both mech series tackle the angle differently.

Argevollen features a young soldier who learns and experiences the hardship of being a soldier. He is not skilled or smart, but he has a good, naive heart. He's lucky to have unique mech. Argevollen is about fighting invaders.

Aldnoah.Zero features a gifted child who doesn't have a special mech. He uses his brains to outsmart enemies who have tech that surpasses their tech. Aldnoah.Zero is about nationalism and individual against the majority. Earthlings vs Martians.

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RWBY is controversial because we argued over the definition of anime and what do we include in Anime Vice's wiki database. I'm sorry for being part of the argument and lengthening it. When Screened was gone, it was time to make the scope lax in order to attract foot traffic to the site. Korra was really popular.

This series's second season came out unannounced to me. I saw it on Crunchyroll, but there was no news about it, being simulcast.

I love the series. There hasn't been a lot of "Indy" (if it's the right word) series like RWBY in America.

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@takashichea: You do make a good point on Argevollen but I just think it just taking up room with Aldnoah.Zero taking the prize.

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Yeah it does. It was interesting to watch both of them if you have enough time. One is a traditional mech story while the other one is a subtrope or deconstruction of mech genre.

It's like watching Sailor Moon and Madoka together in a sense.

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