Sahsa is a anime/manga character in the Magi franchise
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Sahsa is a character in the Magi franchise.


Little is revealed of Sahsa's history, but before her introduction from the very first chapter, Sahsa at some point found and saved by Laylah, who she found dying of starvation in the desert. She became like family to Sahsa and her own family and travels with them permanently.


Sahsa is created by Shinobu Ohtaka who has no information regarding any inspiration used to create her. She first appears in Magi volume 1: chapter 1.

Name Changes

For this character, Crunchyroll calls her "Saasa" while Viz Media calls her "Sasha."


Not much has changed with Sahsa's character since her introduction.


  • Laylah - She is very close with Laylah, and she believes in Laylah despite that Laylah is a former thief. She saved Laylah from dying in the desert.
  • Aladdin - She is kind to Aladdin who often rubs his face into her chest, and she is grateful towards Aladdin who helped her caravan.
  • Morgiana - Leila and Morgiana are on mutual terms.

Story Arcs

Dungeon Arc

Sahsa was introduced alongside Laylah, her friend and benefactor. She complimented Laylah on her ability to sell all their goods. As Sahsa and Laylah go back to their goods to sell more, they are surprised to find a little boy there and he had eaten the majority of their produce. The boy introduced himself as Aladdin. Without much hassle, Aladdin helps work for the Caravan to make up for what he had eaten. Sahsa and Aladdin talked as they worked, Aladdin saying that working on a a caravan must be fun. Sahsa agreed but also said there was a dark side to the business, namely bandits who occasionally threaten them and steal their goods. Aladdin was oblivious of such occurrences and this caused Laylah to become suspicious of him. She told Aladdin not to try anything funny with Sahsa. But Sahsa said that she trusted Aladdin. Aladdin decided to introduce his friend Ugo to them and suddenly two massive arms emerged from his flute, shocking Sahsa and Laylah.

When night fell and everyone was resting, a suspicious Laylah found Aladdin sleeping with Sahsa, cuddling with her as he slept. Laylah professed that Sasha was her dear friend and she did not intend to let malicious things happen to her. But Sahsa was not asleep and was okay with Aladdin. An embarrassed Laylah denied that she was as caring as she just sounded.

The following morning, the caravan was set to depart. Laylah who despite her age was an experienced thief and was knowledgeable about the area, advised Sahsa's father of what route to take. Sasha told her father that they should listen to Laylah's advice. However, they came across two thieves along the route who recognized Laylah and exposed her past history to everyone present. Upon hearing of Laylah's history as a thief, Sahsa's father did not allow Laylah to continue travelling with the caravan. Laylah sadly turned around and left the caravan without any arguing. Sahsa was not at all satisfied with what happened but had little say in the matter. But shortly thereafter, their caravan is attacked by bandits and they were relatively helpless. However the "stowaway" Aladdin disembarked and summoning the entirety of Ugo's body, easily dispatched all of the bandits. Sahsa was shocked by the whole ordeal but nevertheless, got off the caravan and ran to Laylah, not willing to leave her. They are later seen together and presumably the hectic events that transpired caused a change of heart in Sahsa's father.

Morgiana Arc

After the events of the Amon arc, Aladdin and company reunite with Sahsa and Laylah. It is shown that the two befriended the silent and reserved Morgiana who was helping work at the Caravan.

Sasha with Laylah and Morgiana
Sasha with Laylah and Morgiana

The following morning, Sahsa, Laylah and Morgiana were out together and Sasha remembered that it had been half a year since the three of them became friends. Morgiana in her typical fashion, bowed deeply in apology for inconveniencing the caravan half a year ago, leaving Sahsa speechless. Laylah said that she hoped Morgiana would stay with them for good. But Morgiana said that she would leave them once they reached Balbadd since she promised Alibaba that she would do so. The trio make their way to the local Bazaar but find it relatively desolate. After Laylah explained the economic crash of Balbadd, she also mentioned that they didn't have to be concerned over thieves of that area.

A short time later, Morgiana went missing. The whole caravan searched for her, even though Sahsa's father was not pleased that they hadn't followed his instructions to wait at the inn. They come across a group of thieves running for their lives and they were screaming of a blue giant. Right after, Sahsa noticed and recognized Ugo and not far behind, Aladdin. Aladdin recognized them, Sahsa as the "friendly" one and Laylah as the "unfriendly" one. Morgiana was reunited with them as well.

The caravan had a banquet that night. Laylah was wailing over the fact that Morgiana was to finally leave them. Sahsa decided to be with Aladdin for a bit, but they were separated when Aladdin began clutching Sasha's breasts. Aladdin and Morgiana actually stayed with the caravan for an additional 5 days but finally were ready to leave. Sasha bade them farewell and left with the rest of the caravan.

Powers & Abilities

Sahsa has no special powers or weapons. She does not have any particular skills of note either but she is an experienced salesperson.

Voiced by
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Satomi Satō
General Information Edit
Name: Sahsa
Name: サアサ
Romanji: Saasa
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic #1
1st anime episode: Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic #6
1st anime movie:
Aliases Saasa
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