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Sage Mode is a anime/manga concept
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A powerful jutsu where a ninja that uses nature chakra in conjunction with their own chakra in order to highly augment their abilities as a ninja.


Sage mode can only be taught by the animal sages at three locations: Mount Myoboku , the Dragon Earth Cave, and the Humid Bone Forest. Depending on the quality of the synchronization, the user will take various physical attributes of the animal they trained under.


Toad Sage

Toad Sages are trained at Mount Myoboku. The mode is activated by being immobile and focusing on drawing in nature chakra and balancing it with the user's own chakra. One obvious drawback to this is immobility, but there are various way of getting around it. Imperfect Sage Mode, as used by Jiraiya, fuses animal sages to the wielder's body and uses them as the immobile focusing agent while the user has free mobility. Because of it's reliance on other creatures, the user takes on a high level of toad-like features such as warts and disfigurement of the digits. Perfect Sage Mode, as used by Naruto Uzumaki, involves the creation of shadow clones who remain immobile. In this mode, the user takes on very few characteristics of toads other than their irises and discoloration around the eye.

Snake Sage

Kabuto in Perfect Sage Mode
Kabuto in Perfect Sage Mode

Snake Sages are trained at the Dragon Earth Cave. The mode is activated by having a body which naturally draws in power on it's own. This type of body is very rare and the only natural occurrences of it so far in the series are the people of Jugo's clan. Orochimaru's Juinjutsu, which was created based off of researching Jugo's abilities, is a variation of this ability and while Orochimaru was never able to fully unlock the potential of the ability, his assistant Kabuto Yakushi was able to and underwent training to use Perfect Sage Mode.

General Information Edit
Concept Name Sage Mode
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
Aliases Sennin Mode
Honored Sage Mode
Perfect Sage Mode
Imperfect Sage Mode
Hermit Mode
1st manga book: Naruto #41
1st anime episode: Naruto Shippuden #131
1st anime movie:
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