Sagat is a anime/manga character in the Street Fighter franchise
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Muay Thai Champion and Rival of Ryu.


As a teenager, Sagat became one of Muay Thai's top fighters in Thailand earning him the title of "Emperor of Muay Thai." His status made him a national hero and he defended his title in an intense match with Go Hibiki which cost Sagat his right eye and Go his life. This would lead Go's son, Dan, to seek revenge on Sagat in later years.

Seeking to prove his status as the world's top fighter, Sagat hosted the first World Warrior tournament and trained a fighter of his own named Adon. In the competition's final round, Sagat faced off against Ryu and managed to dominate throughout the match against the young fighter. Thinking his match with Ryu was decided, Sagat lent a hand to help Ryu up from the ground. However, Ryu became consumed with the desire to win which briefly led him to trigger the power of Satsui no Hadou and scarred Sagat's chest with a Shoryuken that nearly killed the Muay Thai fighter.

Consumed with anger by what he considered dishonor on Ryu's behalf, Sagat joins with Shadaloo to make use of the crime syndicate's resources to locate Ryu so he could regain his title and becomes M. Bison's bodyguard. During his time with Shadaloo, Sagat met with an angered Dan Hibiki consumed with revenge for his father's death at Sagat's hands. During his match with Dan, Sagat realized that Ryu wasn't himself when delivering the Shoryuken to him and that his anger could drive him to do something he would live to regret. Sagat threw his match with Dan so the man would be satisfied with his anger.

Realizing that Bison was trying to manipulate him, Sagat returned to Shadaloo to be presented with a brainwashed Ryu from Bison to fight. During their fight, Sagat is able to bring Ryu to his senses and the fighter is able to drive Bison to retreat. With the rivalry settled, Sagat left Shadaloo and desired a clean rematch with Ryu in the second World Warrior tournament.


Sagat was created as one of the original boss characters for Capcom's popular Street Fighter fighting video game franchise, before becoming a playable character starting from Street Fighter II: Champion Edition and later. His fighting style was modeled after dramatic Muay Thai TV personalities and his character being themed after a tiger, likely based off an old Muay Thai tale about the legendary fighter known as the Siamese Tiger King. In the context of East Asian culture, the tiger and dragon are seen as equally strong rivals for battle and have many dualistic traits thus providing symbolism to Sagat's rivalry with Ryu.

Sagat has made appearances in the Street Fighter II animated movie and Street Fighter II-V TV anime series. In Japanese, he was voiced by Shigezo Sasaoka for the Street Fighter II movie and Banjo Ginga for Street Fighter II-V. In English, Sagat was voiced by Peter Spellos for both anime.



Sagat stands at a towering '7'4" (226 cm) and weighs in at 172 pounds (111 kg). He has no hair and solid white eyes (formerly black). Due to losing his right eye, Sagat wears a black eye patch over it. In addition, he has a noticeable deep scar running across his chest that was the result of the Shoryuken that Ryu delivered to him in their first match. Sagat's hands and feet are taped up and he wears a pair of purple fighting shorts when engaged in battle.


Sagat possesses traits typical of the "proud fighter" archetype in that he is very strong-willed and committed to keeping his body in peak physical condition and keeping his fighting skills polished. While seemingly violent and cruel with his fighting style, Sagat admires opponents of strong character and dislikes taking dishonorable approaches to battle as he was disgusted with Ryu being brainwashed under Bison's control.


Street Fighter II Movie

Sagat's role is mostly similar to that as portrayed in the video game as he is one of Bison's enforcers in Shadaloo and lost to Ryu following a Shoryuken that scarred his chest. However, his role in the movie was rather limited as Bison kept him from participating in later battles due to his failure in beating Ryu in battle.

Street Fighter II-V

Sagat's character underwent a number of design and storyline changes for this TV anime. He no longer had his eye and chest scars, and was no longer associated with Shadaloo. Here, Sagat was a former Muay Thai champion who got set up for a drug-dealing crime he did not commit because he refused to throw a match while under pressure from the Ashura crime syndicate. When Ryu was tossed into prison under similar circumstances, Sagat would aid him in fending off the abusive prison warden Nuchi.

When Ryu and Ken are able to get rid of Ashura, they are able to gather evidence that proved Sagat's innocence and set him free from prison. In gratitude, Sagat would advise the two to seek out Dhalsim in India in order to master new fighting techniques.

Powers and Abilities

Sagat is an expert of Muay Thai, a kickboxing style that focuses around delivering hard-hitting offensive blows to an opponent with one's limbs. He possesses a decent level of superhuman attributes, enough as such to be a match for Ryu in battle. To counteract Ryu's Shoryuken, Sagat developed his own version of the technique called the Tiger Uppercut that he perfected on the entire height of a waterfall. Outside of attacks with his limbs, Sagat is capable of utilizing projectile attacks with his ki in the form of a crescent-shaped projectile called the Tiger Shot and a larger variant of the attack that can burn his foes called the Tiger Cannon.

Voiced by
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Peter Spellos
General Information Edit
Name: Sagat
Name: サガット
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Street Fighter II V #8
1st anime movie: Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
Aliases The Eternal King
Emperor of Muay Thai
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