Sadness is Like the Falling Snow

Sadness is Like the Falling Snow is an anime episode of Valvrave the Liberator 2 that was released on 11/21/2013
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Plot Summary

Sadness is Like the Falling Snow

RomajiKanashimi wa Furu Yuki no Gotoku
Theme Music
Opening"Kakumei Dualism"
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L-elf tells Princess Lieselotte that she saved his life and confesses his feelings for her. The princess remarks he is very young. Haruto and Kyuuma get into their Valvrave. Saki manages to get into her body and locks K-zwolf. A-drei discovers Saki. Meanwhile, L-elf kills the soldiers, and he finds Q-vier challenging him to a knife fight. At the Dorssian museum, Takahi's group are discovered by the Dorssians. Raizou tells Akira that they have to save the others at the museum. Back in L-elf's knife fight, Q-vier relishes his fight with L-elf until Haruto bursts in. L-elf orders Haruto to save the princess and takes her to the bridge. Pino realizes that Princess Lieselotte is the same being as her, a Magius. The princess explains her origin to Haruto and informs him that Haruto's kind resembles the Magius.

Haruto protects the museum group just in the nick of time. L-elf manages to run away from Manned Waffle Unit until he has to jump off his bike and into the water. The princess explains that the Council of 101's objective is to hide the existence of Magius and to find food, Runes. The princess confesses that she lives by devouring humans. Meanwhile, L-elf manages to scrape by. Princess Lieselotte explains that her Runes are siphoned off, and that she is punished for trying to co-exist with humanity. L-elf calls Satomi that he will lower the bridge for the shuttle's runway. He struggles to lower the draw bridge. Cain acknowledges L-elf's efforts. When the shuttle moves, the Valvraves get on the shuttle.

Suddenly, Q-vier shoots at the shuttle and misses. Though, his shot scrape the shuttle's boosters. Haruto rescues L-elf. At the same time, Lieselotte risks using her life and memories to restore the shuttle wound. When the shuttle discards the boosters, Princess Lieselotte loses her life in a instant.

Points of Interest

  • Magiuses - mysterious, spiritual beings who inhabit people's bodies.

Characters & Voice Actors

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