Sadaharu Imao

Sadaharu Imao is a anime/manga character
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Sadaharu Imao is a twenty-eight year old ero-game artist and writer who's the reincarnation of Sex Demon King Shadahl.


Sex Demon King Shadahl
Sex Demon King Shadahl

The origin's of Sadaharu are tied to another dimension in a fantasy realm. He was once the Evil Sex Demon King Shadahl (淫魔王シャダール, In-maō Shadāru), who was abducting all the beautiful women of the lands, with the aid of his bird-familiar, Sara; and raping them into submission with his sexual magics. Just as his plans for world domination were nearing fruition. The three warrior-heroines, Maria, Eclair, and Miina, discovered his hide out. Though he nearly broke their will with the power of his semen, their combined efforts defeated and nearly killed him. He was saved by Sara who sent his soul away to be reincarnated.

Shadahl was reborn into the soul of a human named Sadaharu Imao. He actually grew up with no memories of his past or magical powers and had an unnatural phobia of women. He cringed to even touch them despite his own feelings. After discovering ero-games, he was able to life out his lust in his fantasies. He was driven to become an ero-game designer but none of the stories he wrote on his laptop ever made it big. He eventually began to create a game that he was unknowingly basing on his previous life as Shadahl.


Power Play! JPN (Feb 2012)
Power Play! JPN (Feb 2012)

Sadaharu Imao is the protagonist of the manga series Power Play! that was created by Yamatogawa. It originally began publication by Akaneshinsha's TENMA Comics in 2011.

His first appearance was in Power Play! Volume 1 CH. 1 "Power Play #1".

Sadaharu's name is a play on his character's origins. The family name 今尾 (imao) is similar in pronunciation as いい魔王 (ii-maou), which translates to "good demon king". The Demon King's name is pronounced as シャダール(Shadāru), which has a similar pronunciation to "Sadaharu".

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General Information Edit
Name: Sadaharu Imao
Name: 今尾 偵春
Romanji: Imao Sadaharu
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Power Play! #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Shadahl
Evil Sex Demon King Shadahl
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