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Sacred Pose is a anime/manga concept
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Usually seen in the Queen's Blade Franchise. It is a variety of provocative poses used to attack and or defend.

Origin of the Sacred Poses

 The Holy Scriptures that contain the directions of the Sacred Poses.          
 The Holy Scriptures that contain the directions of the Sacred Poses.          
The Sacred Poses are used by high ranking Nuns of the main church in Gainos. The various poses are written book known as The Holy Scriptures. It is said that a person truly believe in the power of God in body, mind and soul you can tap  temporally use God's holy power to aid you. Whether it. be for defending yourself and other around you, or punishing the heretics that scoff at God and his works.However most people who witness the poses in action wonder if they are truly from God. The reason being that the positions themselves are lewd in manner when performed by the nuns.  

Known Sacred Pose Positions 

Throughout all three seasons of the Queen's Blade anime series the Sacred Pose has been performed once. In the first two series the Sacred Poses were usually done by Nanael (as a form of exercise) and Melpha. In Queen Blade Rebellion the Sacred poses are commonly used by Shigi. Even in the Queen's Blade Rebellion prologue there is an entire episode dedicated to the Sacred Poses and are instructed by Shigi herself. Listed below are the Sacred Poses that have appeared so far in all three anime series.

Sacred Pose: Worship

  • First Performed by Shigi
 Shigi performing Sacred Pose: Worship.
 Shigi performing Sacred Pose: Worship.
Description: A Sacred Pose that is performed by simply lifting one skirt and exposing their panties. A powerful pose when done correctly can cause an attacker with a weak mind to submit, and seek comfort. When Shigi used this pose it caused an army of bandits to kneel to her.  Later in the series Shigi attempted to use this pose on Annelotte, but due to her strong will and determination she was able to resist. 
Sacred Pose: Discipline 
  • First performed by Melpha
Description: This Sacred pose is performed when the bends over towards their opponent slightly arch their back. While doing this legs are crossed slightly below the knees. Melpha used this pose in her Queen's Blade battle with Tomoe in the second season of Queen's Blade. The poses causes a powerful wind gust , if the gust connects to the opponent they are lacerated with small cut along their bodies. 
Sacred Pose: Divine Punishment 
  • First performed by Melpha
Melpha Performing Sacred Pose: Divine Punishment.
Melpha Performing Sacred Pose: Divine Punishment.
Description: Sacred Pose: Divine Punishment it performed when the user spreads their leg far apart and bends over as far as they can toward their opponent. Once the pose is done successfully the user will unleash a powerful energy blast attack from their hand. Melpha used this attack on Tomoe in their Queen's Blade match, unfortunately the blast was not that powerful as Tomoe was able to parry it with ease. 
Sacred Pose: Healing 
  • First performed by Shigi
Description: This pose is done when the user hold their staff or mace behind their backs, and places the shaff  of the staff between their buttocks. Once this is done correctly a ray of light will appear between their leg. Shigi first used this Sacred Pose on a boy who fell sick on a country road. When Shigi finished the pose the boy appeared to be in full health.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Sacred Pose
Japanese Name: 神聖 な ポーズ
Romaji Name: Shinsei na Poozu
Aliases Holy Pose
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