Sacred Blacksmith

Sacred Blacksmith is an anime series in the The Sacred Blacksmith franchise
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Sacred Blacksmith is based upon a series of light-novels. Young Knight Guard, Cecily Cambell, seeks to protect the heritage passed down to her with the help of a Demon Contract with the Demon Sword of Wind, Aria.

Sacred Blacksmith
Sacred Blacksmith
The anime series Sacred Blacksmith (聖剣の刀鍛冶, seiken no burakkusumisu) is the original creation of the light-novel writer Isao Miura. The illustration work was drawn by Runa. It is a fantasy adventure series of a young girl and her small band of friends who fight to protect people with the power of powerful swords created through a dark magical art.
The first episode aired on October 3, 2009, it had twelve episodes, and the finale was aired on December 19, 2009. The rating in the US was given at TV-MA, for much of it's fanservice. Sacred Blacksmith was the original production of Manglobe Inc. The U.S. distribution company FUNimation Entertainment started streaming the Sacred Blacksmith series on their website starting in June of 2010. The DVDs were later released in the fall of the same year. FUNimation would also add the series to their official youtube channel.
The anime was directed Masamitsu Hidaka , The music for the series was composed by Tamiya Terashima. Though much of the main cast was designed by Runa, Jun Nakai worked on the character art/design work for the anime.


 Cecily Cambell and friends
 Cecily Cambell and friends
44 years ago, the great Valbanill War that tore through the lands finally ended. The deadliest of all weapons in this conflict was created using the practice called a Demon Contract, where a human sacrifices them self be become a powerful demon. Knowing the terrible power of such things, all the surviving nations banded together and created a binding agreement to ban the use of the Demon Contracts, but that did not stop those who seek to destroy this tenuous peace.
While following the path of her father and grandfather, young Cecily Cambell has joined into the Knight Guard after the passing of her father. The goal to protect the Independent Trade City Housman is left to her and protects it's citizens with the very sword that has passed through her family for generations. Barely within her first month as a Knight Guard, Cecily is attacked by a crazed-veteran of the Valbanill War and he destroys her precious family sword. She is even nearly killed by the very same mad man, but is narrowly rescued by a silent savior, Luke Ainsworth; who slices through the blade of this man a kind of blade she has never seen before.
Cecily is unable to find any blacksmith who can repair her cherished sword, but hears word of a skilled blacksmith on the edge of town. When she searches for him, it's none other that her earlier rescuer Luke Ainsworth. He with his assistant Lisa use their magical abilities to forge powerful katanas, but he refuses to help Cecily. She's determined to have Luke make her a sword to fulfill the duty of her family line, and she's willing to take any risk to prove she is worthy of his blades.

Theme Songs

Opening Theme

Performed by Mayumi Gojo

Ending Theme

"Miracle Happy Day (みらくるハッピーディ)" 
Performed by Aki Toyosaki
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General Information Edit
Name Sacred Blacksmith
Name: 聖剣の刀鍛冶
Romaji: Seiken no Burakkusumisu
Publisher Manglobe
Start Year 2009
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Aliases Seiken no Blacksmith
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