Sachiko Kawamura

Sachiko Kawamura is a anime/manga character in the Nana franchise
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Shouji's classmate and co-worker, eventually she ends up dating him.

Sachiko is one of Shouji's (Nana Komatsu's boyfriend) co-workers and classmate. Souji and her had a "click" when they first met and have been growing towards each other ever since. After a while Shashiko fell in love with Shouji however kept it to herself since she knew he already was involved with someone else. Eventually Souji started to doubt his relationship with Nana and decided that the one he really loved was Sachiko. One night when shouji walked Shachiko to the train they declared each other their love, the two of them ended up having sex  at Shouji's place, that day they realise that the two of them are meant to love each other.

Some days later the two Nanas and the members of BLAST went over to the restaurant where both Shouji and Shachiko worked to have dinner, Shouji when noticing his girl friend in the restaurant stressed out and hid in the bathroom for a moment, mean while Shachiko unaware of the situation was doing her work as a waitress serving the different people in the restaurant, once she had to serve Nana's table she released that the girl she was serving to was her lover his girlfriend. She panicked and dropped the dishes she was handing out cutitng her finger. Nana stood up and went over to see if she was doing al right and tied her handkerchief around Shachiko's bleeding finger. Shachiko started crying and ran of after leaving Nana behing clueless of the situation. At that moment Shouji got out of the staff bathroom and sees Shashiko running outside crying, he follows her and promises her that he will break up with Nana to be with her.

After their meal the members of Blast go home but Nana want to wait a bit for her boyfriend to finish his service, Nana Osaki decides to wait with her. After a while Shouji comes out shortly followed by Shachiko who grabs his hand smiling, then they kiss. At this point Nana realises that souhji is no longer hers, Shouji who did not notice his girlfriend waiting for he freezes up. Nana stands looking at them petrified then Nana Osaki walks up to Shouji asking who that girl is, Shouji replies to her with a feeble voice "she is my girlfriend". After him having said this Nana Osaki charged to him ready to punch him but Shachiko stand in front of him saying " If you have to Punch someone punch me! i am the one who stared this knowing he had a girlfriend" to which Nana replied " get away from him you have nothing to do with this", Shachiko that says that it is her who has nothing to do with this. Nana Osaki than yell out to Nana who is looking at the scene with tears in her eyes  that this is her battle and if she does not fight she will lose Shouji. Nana stands still, she releases that she had already lost him long ago.
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Megumi Kojima
General Information Edit
Name: Sachiko Kawamura
Name: 川村幸子
Romanji: Kawamura Sachiko
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: NANA #10
1st anime movie: NANA
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