Sabertooth Guild

Sabertooth Guild is a anime/manga concept
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A weak guild that rose to become the top guild in Fiore after seven years.


After the events of Tenrou Island where Zeref attacked and destroyed the Fairy Tail base, there was a massive power vacuum in Fiore as to who was the strongest guild around; a tentative title that was held by Fairy Tail. With its key members gone, different guilds began to rise to power. The most notable of these obscure guilds was Sabertooth. Known for recruiting members from Dragon Slayers to Celestial Spirit Mages, the guild grew as Fairy Tail did in getting powerful and intimidating mages. When the Grand Magic Games started in the year X784, Sabertooth entered a few years after its Inception and became well known champions all over Fiore. When the members of Fairy Tail rebuild their guild, they claim that Sabertooth is the group to beat, wanting to gain back their status as a mighty guild.


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General Information Edit
Concept Name Sabertooth Guild
Japanese Name: 剣咬の虎, セイバートゥース
Romaji Name: Seibaa Tuusu
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #29
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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